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  1. FatBoyFerrets

    I'm So Proud Of My Little Mink

  2. FatBoyFerrets

    Noobie Ferreter (York)

    Hi dave, Sounds great, small issue I am without phone at the moment, but I will try and contact you as soon as possible. Thanks for the reply and offer ! I look forward to getting in Contact do you have facebook as that might be ane easyer way for me to contact you. Cheers Brandan.
  3. Trent, Just waiting on reply from manager I will contact you when I have a reply.
  4. Love these videos, great source of information those pies looked cracking! Look forward to more videos.
  5. FatBoyFerrets

    New Purse Net Making Tutorial!

    I'm getting Fatal error: Call to a member function getPostCount() on a non-object in /home/thehunti/public_html/forums/admin/applications/forums/modules_public/forums/topics.php on line 1183 :/
  6. FatBoyFerrets

    Noobie Ferreter (York)

    Thank you very much pal Take care.
  7. FatBoyFerrets

    Noobie Ferreter (York)

    Nah I don't drive buddy.
  8. FatBoyFerrets

    Noobie Ferreter (York)

    Hi sorry for the late reply, I live about 15 minute walk from the center
  9. Bloody work in half hour :(

    1. pip1968


      be grateful you have a job because theirs polish who will do it for less

    2. keepdiggin
    3. FatBoyFerrets


      Lol, I can't be grateful when I don't even earn enough to pay my rent!

  10. FatBoyFerrets

    Whippet Puppys

    Price mate?
  11. FatBoyFerrets

    Ripon Ferreting Day

    Brilliant! I will pm you lapin2008, and thanks hot meat!
  12. FatBoyFerrets

    Rabbiting Dogs

    Cracking dog, My favorite, something like this I am wanting looks perfectly balanced.
  13. FatBoyFerrets

    Best First Lurcher For A Complete Novice

    Thanks for the great advice people, I will wait until something perfect comes along, no rush!!
  14. FatBoyFerrets

    Ripon Ferreting Day

    If you put that 100 quid in your petrol tank and spent it all running around trying to get some permission, you could end up with as many days sport as you want! Not these days Seems to work well enough for myself and many others mate, you honestly saying your that desperate for a day out you would come all the way over from lancashire, to pay someone a ton, to kill a handful of rabbits (and it will probably only be a handful) which you then have to hand over at the end of the day? All the way over?? I think nothing of driving 100 miles for ferretin infact ill be doing 90 mile on sunday over to york. If we killed 100 rabbits on that land over a weekend then its worth £100 imo I'm new too all this I have been in search of any land availible in york or for someone to teach me!!