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  1. Sweeten

    Ferreting Kit

    No Price No ad Could you also put it up in the correct section
  2. Sweeten

    Leaving A Ferret

    When you return providing he is still in there open up one of the holes and rattle the mouth of the hole with a stick this usually gets them moving
  3. I can't speak highly enough of mick dadds gear and with the sliders they are the best I have seen yet prior to that we always used k p and s nets in Dorset and bridport nets equally as good but it's micks nets that have the edge for me!
  4. Sweeten

    Ferreters Needed Taunton

    Hi there I can make the sat no problem just give me the word and I'm only in Bristol so only a 50min run hope to hear from you
  5. Sweeten

    Ferreters Needed Taunton

    Hi there I'm based in Bristol and have most of my permission around cheddar and Bridgwater so I would be more than happy to help you out
  6. Sweeten

    Phil Haynes poachers pocket

    Does anyone know how I can get hold of Phil's number I'm after a good puppie to bring on and work with ferrets and lamp I lost my old beddy x geryhound a couple of years back thanks