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  1. I have an Infac 8 gun extra deep with top gun safe, £229 from http://www.laddsguns.com/infac/infac_prices.asp As good as anything else and a lot cheaper than most. for £15 I bought a roll of van lining fabric and some spray glue from ebay and lined it completely, which safes damaging guns when you are putting them away. Very pleased with it.
  2. Whereabouts are you based. Interested in the aya.
  3. I follow the hunt gather cook blog and followed the treehouse blog when it was happening. Great to see some more tasty recipes, thanks for putting these up, great inspiration.
  4. The Reality Disfunction by Peter Hamilton and the books that follow. Epic science fiction, first book in a long while that properly grabbed my attention and lead to sleepless nights sat reading it.
  5. Not sure if I'm allowed to mention another forum on here, but if I am, there's a great thread on pigeonwatch about building nightvision kit http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/242470-homemade-nightvision-evos/ I'm planning to build something similar to this myself. Cost is about £150 and good out to 200 yards with the right illuminator. Some very good advice on the thread.
  6. I have a small, 4 gun cabinet for shotguns but will have to get something bigger next year with a separate ammunition section when I go for my FAC. Everywhere i've looked for reviews the same company seems to be mentioned, Brattonsound. I think they're a premium brand but everyone seems to like them. Alternatively, look on ebay, there's often a few on there and you might find something local or ask on here.
  7. Those are fabulous pics, what a grand day out you've had. I used to know that area well. Just a question, as I've my first pup who's at 7 months now. Your dogs aren't on a lead, even with wildlife about, what sort of training did you do to get them used to being around wildlife without chasing them. I want to be able to train my own pup that way and have started along the path of gundog training with her. Cheers.
  8. Makes sense. I've tended to backpack away from the trails and just used ankle high boots. Probably get another set of those and if I find myself stalking more seriously then get some high leg boots. Cheers.
  9. This might be a silly question but, as I'm about to buy new boots I'll ask anyway. I've worn hiking boots of various kinds for decades and never had anything that was much above the ankle. Being new to hunting etc I'm seeing most people recommending boots that seem to come half way up your calf, such as altberg game keepers or meindle dovre etc. Do you need this much extra support when you're stalking? I've hiked for years with a hefty pack and never needed boots that high. I'd be wearing gaiters so that'll keep the muck out though obviously not as waterproof going through deeper puddles.
  10. Hello all, I'm J, recently moved down to Devon where my partner and I have bought a small (23 acre) farm that we intend to open as a small campsite and smallholding for ourselves. Many years ago I used to shoot rifle and pistol for my university, when we were allowed to do such things easily and also shot archery for my uni too. Last year I bought an air rifle to start doing some shooting again and the move to the countryside and the farm has given me the incentive to get into shooting again more seriously. I've just received my shotgun license and looking for a budget gun to pick up, I've a
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