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  1. I havnt it never crossed my mind walshie is helping for now and I I find a good use I will try find a more appropriate sauce cheres
  2. Hey thanks lads, France may be a little far, unless there is a weekend hunting threw in, but thank you all the same, Shropshire Dan, could I post you a giffy bag and the money to post some ?
  3. Hi lads just wondering what happens with your old cartriges shotgun and rimfire, the reason for the question is I'm wanting a handfull of each, I'm wanting to do something with them, I'm a bit arty and all that not sure exactly what yet was thinking cufflinks and tie pin or something along them lines
  4. Its all crops some wheat, some green stuff, s mall chicken coop, and a few barns, but as we all know the first farm leads to the seccond, I will be posting as soon as I get a break from work dont worry guys, and thanks for the welcome
  5. Do you eat squizzers? We don't get any around my parts always wondered I know someone will of had a bite !!
  6. Well hi all, I have had a few year out the game, missus, kids business house, the list goes on, I'm back with a vengance. Got myself a cracking s400 and some old permission back and I'm almost ready to go. Just thought I would say hi again I wasn't around Lon last time but hopefully will be around for a lifetime especially now I'm getting some time on my hands, nothing bagged yet but pleanty to come in sure with the new 200 acres of permission I cant be let down!
  7. Thanks liam i have been looking at them i was hoping i may be able to get a digital camera ratherthan a cam corder which has the night vision but the search for one seams to ilude me thanks guya and good luck stewie
  8. They look so great but i just wouldnt like to chance making one does anyone here have a price for a one ready built. Also is there any digital cameras what do night vision i understand that a didital camera and a mount would work if i can have a night vision one and tgen it had dual use thanks stewie
  9. Good luck mate its respect what gets you in there and determination when i got a farm years ago i had stopped knocking as it was hoying down with rain but thought i will just pop in one more as i introduced myself he said stain in so you dont get soaked and ended up with a cupper and the permission so im not saying go dripping wet im saying keep on trying and best of luck stewie
  10. Might as well use this time to benefit yourself pal atb and good luck getting sorted stewie
  11. I know there is a lot of asking from me here but who has scope cams and what set up have you used ? Im thinking about setting one up to record it all
  12. Mole your a total legend mate thanks i cant wait till i know as much as you and maybe work on my literature aswell thanks matw
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