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  1. chop

    Need To Fatten Up A Hob

    Had this with a Jill recently, give some goats milk and you see results pretty quickly
  2. chop

    New Hutch I've Been Knocking Up

    Looks good mate but you'll need a floor on it. I put mine on decking like that and it really is a lot of hassle when cleaning out. And it begins to stink after a while
  3. chop

    Runing Dogs This Season

    Hows this bred jacko? and whats its size?
  4. chop

    Ferret Boxes

    PM'd you
  5. chop

    Ferret Boxes

    They look like nice boxes, how much do you charge for a double? and p&p?
  6. chop

    Few Pics Of My Ferts And Setup...

    This actually is a very good idea, keep the neighbours happy about the smell as well.
  7. anyone know if nelson is still making nets? emailed him but no reply, can't find him on ebay either. need long nets and stop nets, any suggestions?
  8. chop

    Coursing Humans

    'Designer Breed' I guarantee these dogs end up in a shelter. Can't imagine too many people being able to manage a dog with size and speed, especially not a pet home
  9. This would probably do it http://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/699265-designer-breed-london.html
  10. chop

    Starting A Lurcher Lamping

    I'd be careful to take him out and not run him, sure way to frustrate the dog enough to yap. best off waiting a bit
  11. chop

    Poachers Pocket Dogs

    Isn't it just a kennel name though rather than a label? like laguna for whippets or rillington for beddys?
  12. chop

    Few Pics Of My Ferts And Setup...

    I use this stuff http://www.hotstovies.com/equine.php super absorbent and cheap by comparison. lasts an age as well
  13. chop

    Few Pics Of My Ferts And Setup...

    "its chopped straw with lavender flavours" haha, not sure whether you're taking the pith or not
  14. chop

    10 Month Old Saluki Pup

    nice! got a lot of filling out to do!
  15. chop

    Poachers Pocket Dogs

    might know of a litter next spring if your stuck mate thanks mate, will bare that in mind.