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  1. BaldMan

    Battery / Electric cars

    Electric cars ?? , many of the parts that go inot manufacturing them come from different places all over the world and have to be shipped to an assembly point . creating an already massive carbon travel foot print before the cars hit the road . Where does electric come from ?? mainly fossil fuelled power stations . So we all buy an electric car land home from work at 6 pm put the tea on plug the car in , huge surge , the national grid trips out . Think ill keep me diesel pickup .
  2. Land cruiser better than the best 4x4 by far , brilliant trucks
  3. BaldMan


    Shot 22lr for last thirty odd years or so , used correctly quiet cheap accurate capable round , owned .17 Hmr for a while noisy , expensive rounds , mixed feelings on accuracy , sold it when i had a misfire and a round became stuck in the barrel ( google HMR misfires ) . i was not overly impressed with the HMR prefer .22 . Rather than Hmr i would pick .22 Hornet . I am sure many will disagree with me , but those are my thoughts .
  4. BaldMan

    New layout

    Prefer the old one , dont like this
  5. BaldMan

    3.2 Shogun Any Good?

    A few points to be wary of , fuel pump issues apparently parts for them are expensive to come by now , poor service history / lack of oil changes can lead to timing chain stretch , manual gearbox dual mass flywheels can give grief , 4wd system transfer box switches are a common problem , brake and fuel lines can corrode on older vehicles , check rear springs for breaking, check for over heating head gasket issues , just a few areas to be wary of ( i have many years experience of these vehicles )
  6. BaldMan

    Early Td5 Discos

    Engine oil leaking in to wiring looms and entering ECU , Water leaks , Air suspension issues , Corrosion , Pas boxes to name few
  7. BaldMan

    Quad Engine Oil

    There is a difference , quad / bike oil has correct additives for wet pack clutches , motor oil has wrong additives . Correct oil has got to be cheaper than replacing a clutch pack .I think Morris oils do a correct oil at a sensible price .
  8. BaldMan

    Land Rover Graveyard

    Series Land cruiser best 4x4 by far .
  9. BaldMan

    Greatest Movie Quotes.

    Is that from True grit ??
  10. BaldMan

    Best Of The Bunch?

    Ran a mk 5 Hilux for near 8 yrs bombproof truck , no issues held its value . Swapped it 5 months ago looked at a Dmax thought it was a bit cheaply finished ended up buying another Hilux , far better finished but you pay for it .
  11. BaldMan

    Whats Best

    Fourtrak or Jimny
  12. BaldMan

    4X4 That Pull 3.5 Ton There Nae Many

    I use a land cruiser , best tow car ive had so far ( had most 4x4s ) . As regards Hilux a firm called Cheshire contracting can replate them to tow 3.5 tons .
  13. BaldMan

    Was This The Best Western Ever...

    Blazing saddles
  14. BaldMan

    New At Tyres Which Ones?

    Best i have used are BF GOODRICH all terrain , good on and off road wear well , not cheap though