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  1. workingtat


    Some keen interest in this & rightly so. Great job ,, we made one once & caught a terrier lol.
  2. workingtat

    Old Type English Bulls?

    Hunter not at all, two show dogs where does it say that.?, Breed a good dog (not show ) to a bitch which this was in the 70s when they were not the same as now, Also state the bitch was cracking in the field!. the reason she could only be worked once a week as stated was that she lost a cple of lbs during that once a wk session & was imo to lean, ie this would lead to dehydration if worked hard again which can kill!, Better to work once a week at 100% than twice at 50%, & she was not our only working dog. & as for a cull??? The line would have been to working terrier, poss patt, & not back to EBT, RE running two dogs on roe hell yer done that many of times. many things are not done with sport in mind & many things are also illegal but still enjoyed. ATB
  3. workingtat

    Sundays Ratting...1603

    Just watched again,,,,, cracking sport.
  4. workingtat

    3 Dogs And A Few More Rats

    Fantastic photos there, nice fit team
  5. Good luck seems like a canny idea. Better to do it over a few days to reap the benefit
  6. workingtat

    future workers

    The pup on left looks like a good sort. Keen of eye & smart type!
  7. workingtat

    Opinions Please

    Pit x / x terrier. Looks like she will have a good bit of power to her head. You may get a better guess in 6 mths when she matures a bit
  8. workingtat

    My Terriers

    Cracking looking pups hope they do you proud
  9. workingtat

    Terrier Tat

    Hi guys, Found this site while looking at old time working terriers. &had to join. Been into hunting & fields ports for over 30yrs mainly dogs & hunting. Had a look around here already & I'm very impressed at the wide variety of topics, I'm from Newcastle & now live in Tyne &wear Cheers patrick
  10. workingtat

    Close ups-feel free to add

    Lovely macro shots there ,,,a real hobby of mine
  11. workingtat

    Sundays Ratting...1603

    Great vid look forward to seeing more
  12. workingtat

    Old Type English Bulls?

    They are a canny looking pair of ebt, but they are the modern type as far as i can see just they are leaner due i guess to training?. i had bull breeds for 30 yrs with good ebt for alot of that time & most of them were no good at working at all. but i bred a good dog to a bitch which had the crufts champ from 1972 in the ped,( which came from canny stock i believe) the bitch threw a bitch pup which was a throw back for sure, She was a small wirey thing which was cracking in the field but hard to keep any weight on & as such had to be worked only once a week, You guys know the type so lean that after a hard day they are a bag of bones, this was partly due to her being hyper i think. she had a bite that was v quick & went deep. i regret that i never did breed her as there were other flaws & i was then not as learned on the breeding of dog as I became...O to have her again, I would have had a canny line going i think. I would love to have more info on the new strain or should I say old strain that is being created in wales, but somewhere down there line there must be a dilution of great blood from whatever breed & this will be hard to rectify, Look forward to any follow up here ta