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  1. Haha to bad a 150 pound scope is doing better then a 1700 pound one
  2. I know that you use the eye reliëf to set the crosshair sharp. The crosshair is sharp, but I cannot get the background sharp with the eye reliëf. With the mtc you get the background sharp with the parallax.
  3. Hello, A friend of mine build me a very nice night vision. I looks and functions like a night site. However i have a swarovski z6i 2.5-15x56 with parrallax. The image fromt he nightvision is very sharp and clear but only when the parrallax is set at 0. I set the camera so that the crosshair is sharp but when i look at a target the only way to get the background shard is putting the parrallax at 0 and play with the magnification for a clear view at different ranges. When i put the nightvison kit on a mtc mamba 4-16x50 i can use the parrallax turret to get a clear view at different ran
  4. It is almost certain a fake. Here in Holland they are very popular with airgunners. I don't know what you paid for it? You can buy them new at arround 60 pounds. Not a bad scope at all for that money. Gr Jacco
  5. Hello, I want to start reloading a 75 grain vmax bullet with imr 4350 But i can not find any max load data for a 75 grain with imr 4350 I i look at reloading data other manufacters have rated a 70 grain bullet with 47 grain max load and a grain bullet with 45 grain max load. So would 46 grain be my max load? i will just start low and work up the load. As long as i don't see any stress signs on the brass i would be good right? Gr Jacco
  6. Thanks allot! what do these 3 tools do? Gr Jacco
  7. Do they make the 527 in .22-250? Thought it is no bigger than .223 I think for a .22-250 you will need to get a cz 550 Gr Jacco
  8. Hello, i am going to start reloading for my .243 in a while. Before i start im going to a guy who reloads for years to see how it works and allot of reading will follow. Now i have purchased allot of tools but im not sure that i have everything needed. Here is the list: Press Neck size die full length die set scale power trickler/dispenser universel trimmer deburring tool flashole uniformer primer pocket uniformer primer pocket cleaner case lube pad caliber ( to measure case length) ream/clean set shellholder priming tool case loading block ABC reloading manuel Bullet pu
  9. Your'e right the scope is high. Because the swarovski has a rail the scope could not be mounted any lower with the eaw mounts. But it does not botter me because im always shooting from the bipod and im used to shoot right hand guns so never had a cheekpiece. If you put a regular scope with rings on it it will mount lower.Thanks for the reply! Gr jacco
  10. Fair to mention that the hawke i shot with is more then 5 years old. Gr Jacco
  11. I like the MTC scopes better then the hawkes. Shot a few times with a endurance 3-12x56. The hawke was not nearly as clear as the mtc scopes i have seen! Gr Jacco
  12. Here a two short video's Bolt cycling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxdE7Ov7MSI&feature=youtu.be Safety https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFGeFbNSMK8&feature=youtu.be
  13. I hope you enjoyed this review and that my English was good to read. Gr Jacco
  14. Hello, This i a review of my Titan 6. I will try to use good English. I have been shooting the titan 6 for about 8 month's now. Now i can really tell if this rifle is good or not. My rifle specifications and set up: Titan 6 .243 winchester 19mm semi weight barrel (65cm) Single set trigger Luxes wood stock EAW mounts Swarovski z6i 2.5-15x56 Harris 6-9 inch bipod Pro's and Con's + Very nice looking rifles + Great accuracy + Great trigger + Superb bolt cycling (never seen better) + You can make your own style gun at www.titan6.com + Quick changeable barrel
  15. If you are mounting it on the scope i would sugest to put the lamp as far back as possible or use a sunshade. Otherwise you might get reflections in you're scope. Gr Jacco
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