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  1. Am I right in believing this show is on this Sunday 16th ??
  2. CBdogsA1

    Earth Dog Running Dog Show

    Never easy pleasing everyone but yip, to far for me for a day trip. Don't have the stay over option either.
  3. Enjoyed the show today, hope you made a nice amount for the charity. Faifly show 26th July at Skypoint. Cheers.
  4. Is there a Bedlington class ?
  5. I had the chance of a Killieford whippet, are they any good ?
  6. Ideation on here's good lady would make a great job of painting that.
  7. CBdogsA1

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Quite like this wee fella.
  8. CBdogsA1

    John Barnes

    Good post that. He was utter pish at Celtic as Lab pointed out.
  9. CBdogsA1

    Sunderland Afc 2014-15 Season

    Poyet just been sacked.
  10. CBdogsA1

    2014-15 Ida Coyote Coursing Season

    Brilliant thread but can't get the videos to come up.
  11. CBdogsA1

    Lurchers With Bull In

    22 months 28 1/2" to shoulder 19 months 29" to shoulder
  12. CBdogsA1

    March Caption Competition With A Prize!!!

    See, I told yi that bugger BAW disnae huv a dug !!
  13. CBdogsA1

    Are All These Bull X's Abit Shot ??

    I would be more worried if my PUP wasn't carrying on like this. Time, time, time and patience.
  14. CBdogsA1

    Bull Cross Fans Let's See Them

    Jumping not a strong point lol. At 8 month