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  1. im over that way and thers f**k all about this year.not seen many young about theres a few on the golf course problem is all the local chavs summer hunting, nothing left come start of season. Nothing new there mate, was the same 25year ago. it seems to be getting worse every year as well mate. the dog man 2013 has a good point with the foxes also, ive never seen so many round my way as I have this last few year.
  2. im round that way a lot mate, its been that way for the last 2 seasons at least now. you see a few young in the summer then come august nothing left.
  3. im sat at work looking at them pics, cheered my night up no end. there by far the best things ive found on this forum to date. it was well worth joining this site for those alone. thanks pal all the best. mick.
  4. a reference letter from your other permissions owner goes a long way also. took me two years to get my first permission, had to get it for shooting and introduce dogs at later date once got to know the farmer. best of luck mate.
  5. hi all, I have a 9 month old pup im looking forward to starting. hes a laguna whippet x beddy whippet/greyhound. stands at 21tts so far has took very much to the whippet side though. hes my first whippet x, always had collie xs before hand. cant wait till September!
  6. thanks for the welcomes lads
  7. hi all im new to the hunting life and forums in general so was just wanting to say hello, and get my first post on.
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