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  1. We're proper f****d now. The darkies can do as they like and we can't even say a word about them for fear of being arrested let alone defend ourselves from the cancerous scum living amongst us. The police are not protecting us. They wait till someone gets stabbed or killed then arrest the c**t responsible while trying to find any reason not to call it a terror attack. The police don't even protect each other as that coward proved at parliament by locking himself in his car while his colleague was being murdered. What chance do the public stand when the security services would rather have dead citizens than risk upsetting some abduls who despise us nearly as much as I despise them and everything they stand for.
  2. Macron has been pushing for a eu army fir a long time. What's wrong with his own French army? Oh yes. My bad.
  3. If she had said darkies were disgusting there would have been a public outcry. Mental bitch.
  4. It'll all come out when he introduces his new girlfriend to his 50 year old son.
  5. It's got to be the worst heavyweight division for many years. Lennox Lewis would have knocked all of them out. At the same time probably.
  6. McGregor's mouth outgrew his ability long ago. Being a millionaire doesn't entitle you to be a total arsehole.
  7. 3 in an evening is pretty good going still.
  8. Where's the bloke who posted this gone?
  9. We aren't allowed to defend ourselves and are told the police will protect us. They don't even protect each other. Cowardly cur.
  10. I agree all the crimes should be remembered, but the IRA sold their morals and principles long ago for a place in parliament and a cushy salary. The mohammedans are still at it largely unchecked by security services and even those on a watch list can pretty much do as they like. They are just a more current version of the other spineless cowards. Any organisation that labels itself as an army but doesn't have the balls to actually fight another army face to face is shit on my shoe.
  11. The people who protect the abusers are as bad as the abusers themselves. Used to be a time in this country when aiding and abetting criminals was a crime.
  12. Fair play to the copper for just telling Tommy to piss off. If it was in England he'd have been arrested and the illegal scum given counselling and a free house.
  13. The law clearly states you can't release non-native species. Can't see what other option there was.
  14. I don't think it was the Russians. I doubt they'd make such a shoddy job of it.
  15. Them desert dwellers get everywhere then breed like f**k.
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