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  1. johnny.w

    Terrorist bombing

    I agree all the crimes should be remembered, but the IRA sold their morals and principles long ago for a place in parliament and a cushy salary. The mohammedans are still at it largely unchecked by security services and even those on a watch list can pretty much do as they like. They are just a more current version of the other spineless cowards. Any organisation that labels itself as an army but doesn't have the balls to actually fight another army face to face is shit on my shoe.
  2. johnny.w

    Fukc sake Telford now

    The people who protect the abusers are as bad as the abusers themselves. Used to be a time in this country when aiding and abetting criminals was a crime.
  3. johnny.w

    This is europe

    Fair play to the copper for just telling Tommy to piss off. If it was in England he'd have been arrested and the illegal scum given counselling and a free house.
  4. johnny.w

    What do you think this is ?

    The law clearly states you can't release non-native species. Can't see what other option there was.
  5. johnny.w

    The Russians

    I don't think it was the Russians. I doubt they'd make such a shoddy job of it.
  6. johnny.w

    The Disturbing Tale Of The Vegan Fox

    Them desert dwellers get everywhere then breed like f**k.
  7. johnny.w

    Why is this not being attended to ?

    I can see that too. But there's a difference between 2 calls a week for legitimate reasons and 10 calls a day because the caller is an idiot.
  8. johnny.w


    My daughter wanted to wear a police woman uniform, but I refused as it would encourage her to plant drugs on black people and throw them down stairs.
  9. johnny.w

    Britain First leaders jailed

    I'm not sure what world we are living in. The judge said he was sure the comments were "a campaign to draw attention to the race, religion and immigrant background of the defendants." Can't you state facts any more? I've been to a lot of countries in my working life and the UK is getting as bad as any for the oppressive way it crushes the life and spirit out of their people.
  10. johnny.w

    Cheating b*****d

    The rules couldn't be 100% or anyone with less than that would be disqualified. I know what you mean though. Juiced up or not. No in-betweens.
  11. johnny.w

    Cheating b*****d

    The trouble with there being an "acceptable" level of drugs where you can still compete means sportsmen will try to get as near to 99% of that figure each and every time to keep up with the others. You aren't cheating if you keep within the rules so I don't see how it can be frowned on. Rules should be 0%.
  12. johnny.w

    Adverse Weather Preparations

    Manager of the local Spa Mr Abdul Abalafaj said "£3 for a loaf? I'm not going to lower my prices just because of a bit of snow."
  13. johnny.w


    To he guy who started this topic, sorry for your loss. To the bloke who supposedly torched someone's car and beat them up.....LOL! Running a dog over is upsetting but an accident and is not illegal. Assault and arson are. Admitting to both on a public forum either means you are lying or soft in the head and desperately want to be arrested. Give your head a wobble mate.
  14. johnny.w


    I understand it's very 21st century to be "inclusive" and to "celebrate diversity" but no-one seems to be able to tell me WHY I have to pretend to like people I don't like. There's lots of people I don't like and telling me I should just makes me dislike them even more. I dare say there's lots of people who don't like me and do you know what? Good for them. it doesn't affect my life one little bit. Are these people so thin-skinned they give a f**k what others think of them? Everyone is scared of being labelled racist, homophobic, transphobic etc. (I'm sure I'm missing a few here) so they don't say what they really think. Then because they keep quiet, the snowflakes assume that everyone loves everyone else. Well I don't and if that is offensive to these lefty types, hard cheese.
  15. johnny.w

    Funny Joke Thread

    I came home from work last night and stuck my dinner in the oven. I went back to check on it 20 minutes later and it had vanished. Last time I buy those bloody McCann oven chips.