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  1. What's the one in porthcawl called.
  2. He closed down a month ago , shame as it was good grub for the dogs .
  3. As above, you have to pull the bulb out a little at a time until you get a nice tight beam , just don't touch the bulb with your fingers use a cloth or paper to hold the bulb while adjusting it .
  4. Cracking view , but that patio is ruff as guts lol
  5. That's a cracking looking pup FairPlay, good luck with it
  6. Exactly, nail on head , well done Wales ,
  7. Terry there's a vets not to far from you £45 my mate had his done there a month ago , good vet , I will pm you if your interested.
  8. That's an excellent painting FairPlay
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