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  1. We wasn’t sleeping today
  2. Just follow wales if you want to watch super rugby
  3. He’s usually on here 24-7
  4. So am I rong in saying your mate breeds the arses off his dogs , it’s no different to what the fella who started this thread wants to do by the looks of it , just saying like I definitely don’t get a hardon for you, why would I
  5. He doesn’t breed the ass of all them dogs for mates tho does he , he does it for £ put the fella who started this thread in touch with him , I’m sure they would get on grate
  6. You’re mate will now exactly how much there going for ask him .
  7. That’s a really nice pup ,cracking stamp , good luck with it
  8. I can't even begin to think what you and your family are going through Life can be so cruel
  9. To me a working lurcher will run what's in front of it , if it refuses to run something or pulls up because it thinks it can't catch it would be no use to me ,bad
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