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  1. Hi all, How much do mk3m finders with two collars ( Second hand ) sell for ? In good condition. Thanks
  2. But if any good to any on here pm as I'm now re-homing him.
  3. Iv got a vasectomised hob in kent if any good to anyone.
  4. Hi mate, Nice looking pup , what area are the pup in and are the other pups still available?? And if you don't mind would you pm me how much you give for the pup Thanks
  5. Thanks for the help mate. Il put them all in together and see what happens.
  6. That's what I was thinking of doing as when they are not in season he live with the Jill's but I got him out as he come in first and I didn't want him try to mate with them and make there necks sore. So the Jill's are abit swollen underneath now will it get more swollen ? This started about two weeks ago.. Thanks
  7. Hi all , This is my jills first season and all 3 have started to come in now and was wondering: How long should I leave it before I put them in with the vac-hob? I'm going to put them in one at a time and is all day with him long enough ? Or should I keep a eye on them and separate when I think he's finished? Any help would be great. Andrew
  8. That's about the same times I go if I'm lamping with a shotgun but if I go out with the air rifle at that time the rabbits are hard to get near as they are already out. Went out last night 12:00 till 2:30 and got 6 and one baby rabbit. With red filter on this time
  9. Hi mate, What time was you out from and till? I went out last night got to the field at about 5:30 to set up. by 6:45 I had about 30 rabbit on the field but all out at round 70-80yrd mark. But now reading about the white light is that why I couldn't get near them? Ended the night at 9:00pm and got 5 rabbits.
  10. The reason I ask is I see a black patt running round Chattenden woods and no one in sight.
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