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  1. thank you all you have said will be noted and we will work on a design you have suggested thank you again
  2. also want to do sheds, workshop ect
  3. we would also custom build any item for you, so you get 100% what you want
  4. thanks for the reply mate, I will turn my hand to make anything, I want to make it affordable prices and will be giving discount to thl members
  5. Hello everyone, I have been thinking about doing this for ages and have finally got some money behind me. I want to start my own company that makes and sell, kennels ,ferret courts, ferret boxes and anything else for the hunting world. just wanted to know if anyone had ideas to what they would like to see on the market, also what would u pay for items thanks
  6. thanks didn't think of the market
  7. hello does any one have or know a place I can get plans for a double ferret box thank you
  8. wanted kids trouser and jacket aged 5-6
  9. hello does it come with a collar
  10. cheers mate will have a go thanks for the advice
  11. cheers everyone will be ordering from them
  12. hello im just starting to make my own nets but i looking for a place/website where i can get all the items in one place cheers
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