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  1. ruger 270

    Days Stalking

    cheers will do thanks
  2. ruger 270

    Days Stalking

    Hi everyone is there anyone offering paid stalking in Kent or surrounding aeras I have not got my dcs1 but I have been shooting deer in Ireland for many years I just got back into stalking in the uk this last month or so please do get in touch
  3. ruger 270

    Deer Stalking/ferreting

    hi everyone I will start of by saying my name is vince I am 39 and from south east Ireland and i am an x farm labourer would anyone have any open spaces in a deer syndicate or can offer some land for ferreting I have for shooting a shotgun 12g a ruger m77 .270 awating my firearms cert I have been shooting and ferreting for over 25 years with a few years break when I moved to uk in 2001 i am fully insured with BASC if any can help please get in touch i will be happy to pay or just muck in with any work that needs doing thanks vince