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  1. were you from n/korea any salukis over there.
  2. Some people have such horrendous childhoods that they carry the damage for the whole of there lives, affecting everything they do and every relationship they have and one day they cant take it anymore and they kill themselves. Would you call them selfish because they could no longer deal with the awfull things done to them as children? I'm not talking about not getting a birthday present when they were 10 here, i'm talking about abuse of every type. To a well adjusted mind the world has much to offer and can be a beutifull place but to the desperate and lonley, it can be hell! done it .bu
  3. you some how don't grasp it, that yeah cancer is an illness but people that are contemplating taking their own life are suffering from another type of illness. as no one in the right frame of mind would consider taking their own life how would you know this there dead ...your assuming
  4. audlys on the khan bill if he wins he upsets the applecart.
  5. imo selfish cxxts .we were up the fields today having a break from the wake .sky larks singing dogs chasing a couple of rabbits .every days a great dat to be living .theres people in the cancer wards gasping for their last breaths these people who do this should take a wee dander through the hospital first .
  6. GOOD job always throw oul scraps to feed the cubs .no cubs means very little next year .
  7. theres mates n theres mates .so your correct .he wasnt a true mate.
  8. Mate getting planted in the morning .just thinkig should i attend the funeral after all he must hav wanted to die or should i go about my normal day .i think topping yourself is a selfish act and a waste of life what you think.
  9. lie him up .be alright sept dont listen to much what vet say.
  10. there all the same...dont vote learn your kids not to vote
  11. sal x grey put a bit of size n staying in.imo.
  12. there was a couple of scallys making their own round here.had their own wee mint going lol tin of gold paint spray for finishing off lol.
  13. khan n fraudly box at the weekend .audley fights an unbeaten yank 27.0 but says when he sparks him he will fight fury knock him and go on for world honours lol,as for khan were does he go if hes beat.
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