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  1. Has anyone shot or own beretta a new 690 III ?? Cheers FRC
  2. Cheers foresterj, that place is not far atall from me cheers!! FRC
  3. They do a medium or wide ankle/calf fitting. But I can't find anywhere that tells you what the measurement for ankle fitting, plus nowhere near me sells them in which I could try them on so it would have to be a mail order. Bit of a bummer really....FRC
  4. Does anyone rate the izuzu rodeo (3.0L)?? Thinking of getting one for just shooting, terrier work and bits and bobs for my hunt. Any views on these trucks would be greatfully appreciated FRC
  5. Hi guys, I've just got another B&F transmitter collar through the post today and i was a bit surprised that the actual collar was green! I'm just wondering why it's not red? It's the same material as the red collar and I know it doesn't affect the workability. I'm just curious?
  6. Have any of you chaps ever tried the LOWA boots? Also what model of haix boots? Cheers FRC
  7. Right chaps, my beloved digging boots have given up the go, I'm just wondering what you guys use and would recommend?
  8. So the mk 2 boxes mill pick up the mk3 collars?? Do you know how far they will pick up from?
  9. Hi guys, just a quick question, will the mk 3 ferret collars be picked up on the mk2 boxes(knocker box) answers will be greatly appreciated? FRD
  10. Right guys I'm looking for every ones personal views on the locators you use for your little warriors. From barryvox, B&F, ortovox, BCA etc etc. I would like to know why you've chosen the ones you use and not others. All comments appreciated FRC
  11. What could you do five nets for 00taz11??
  12. I need a new deben terrier/ferret locator box as mine has just packed up. Just wondering if anybody has one there looking to get rid of as I'd like to get this sorted before I start again this season East anglia area
  13. This is much appreciated guys, really is. Are the barryvox receivers silent/or can be. As I'm sure you will all understand that sometimes you need everything to be quite in some places?
  14. So would a B&f collar transmit to a ortovox reciever? Would anyone say that the B&f kit isn't accurate, can't be any worse than Deban surely?
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