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  1. where are you located for pick up, can you send me some pictures of the goods? very interested if you can.
  2. Gonna treat myself but which one, cant decide. Any one got some tips for me to choose between the aa tx200 mkIII or the HW97. What you think people?
  3. Nice one lads al great info and i really like the way people help you out on the site. Great site and great blokes. What more can you ask for. Nice one lads
  4. Hi how is everyone, I'm looking for a bit of advice guys on a decent night shoot set up for shooting rabbits. I know theres great products out there like the nite site range ect but unfortunatly i dont have the funds at the moment to purchase kit like that. If any one could offer a bit of advice on a set up thats good but on a budget that would be great. Thanks lads.
  5. Hi guys, i used to do alot of ferreting as a kid and want to get back into it but as yet havent been able to find anywhere to get myself a good ferret from. Anyone got any leads on finding a ferret around the Isle of Wight, Southampton area. Many thanks
  6. nice one mate i'll check it out. thanks for the welcome too
  7. Can anyone recommend a good quallity but reasonably cheap scope mounted green torch for night shooting, thanks
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