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  1. Lookin good be lucky . The stag will moult out full Henny . Iam pleased your pleased mate .. Speak soon. By the way I think your the only man to have Pyle Hennies . That I know of any way .
  2. well lads ha ha it worked ! you drew me back in, your good.. bud Harley at least your concern seemed almost genuine. gassed myself ! FFS.. silkies ? well that should make your jobs easier.. trust me boys the rrc is staying put..OTT as your reading this you will probably be in bed ! while I will be outside in the barrel yard.. wont be boasting for a couple of months, sorry meant to say posting, busiest time of year, see you all soon ps ANYONE who wants me ring. anyone who hasn't got me number theres a reason.
  3. fire-man sticking up for duckers is a mis guided honourable thing , however as you say your not a" chook man" but true gamefowl men aren't going to get followed home, or tricked into giving away there addresses , but maybe your right the vunerable perhaps should not apply. as for closed doors and the dangers "kindly written" well that's an exhausted subject for reasons non to do with birds. as you say your a cynicle one but even cynics have an opion.
  4. They were cheap , wasn't gonna hang about for long . Somebody had a good do.
  5. did you go see the gingers over the weekend mate ??
  6. uk those chicken jokes are nothing to crow about , mate
  7. you wont see them particular white lines everyday. thanks for shareing ott.
  8. I find it bennifits em when mixed with there regular feed through summer months.
  9. exactly the feed helps maintain it .....try buckwheat it might just maintain it that bit more ..
  10. well if both can be proved to be as equally well bred id say 50/50 if the hens side is better bred then obviously the hens side and vice versa.
  11. buy a sack of buck wheat lads mix into your regular feed through april -july put a body on em has hard as granite.
  12. Well me personally uk , think you need both, a lot is always said about this mystical produceing hen, but a real top notch cock, should be reproduceing himself in his offspring, but without a good hen this will be diluted, so unless you drop across a A star hen (and you wont unless single mateing) such as "the blue hen of Delaware" the "chocolate hen" from E.S Hatch..or the famouse round head hen" muggsy " then no more sitting on the fence... 50/50 both equally important.
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