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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows who the firearms officer is in Telford and what they're like on granting a cf on first ticket? Cheers
  2. http://act.voteaction.uk/a/76
  3. I know how you feel tron. I've just moved to Wellington and I'm constantly seeing posts on Facebook about bikes being stolen. Such a shame as I had a bike in the shed that I sold for pennies a few weeks ago. I'd have given it him if I'd seen this before
  4. I've literally just started a business in the last few weeks. I don't have a van yet and haven't spent thousands on top end gear. What's the point if you don't know if the work is there? I have a lexus and just chuck a little mower etc in the boot. I made a Facebook page which brings in little bits here and there but I spend more time advertising the page than I actually get in return. I got a paid advert with the yellow pages and now I get about 3 calls a day. Granted some of those I won't take as they're too big for a sole trader starting up but the work is there if you put in the time. The
  5. Just had a look at bprs thread and I wouldn't mind having a go. What would you say is the best wood to use? Also where is the best place to buy tbg?
  6. tbh the catty makes no difference its the accuracy of the man behind it that counts Damn, looks like those targets will remain hole free
  7. That's exactly why I bought it mate, I've never used one so I thought £3.50 if I'm hopeless then I've lost nothing
  8. Just bought one of these: http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/221372369831 I was wondering if anyone's used one? I'm not expecting a great piece of kit for that money but I've never used one before so hopefully it will be okay to have a little play with before I decide whether to get something a bit more fancy. Also would it be possible to fit tbg to that? Cheers Billy
  9. kruby01


    Shared on my Facebook, when will people realise!!?
  10. And if you don't have permission on the scrubland I'm sure you've made a suitable backstop on your border
  11. Neems that review isn't going to sell anything Gin there's some lovely knives on there and very reasonable but trust every one I like to be sold! I'll keep my eye out as I guess he updates it
  12. They seem to have come down from last time I looked, I've admired midnights knives for a while, some amazing craftsmanship! I think the last one I saw was £120 which from everything I've heard about his work is worth every penny and more but £120 is more than I can afford at the moment, however I like the sound of a midnight knife for £60! I'll be finding his page now
  13. But as you may know with the Mora, its £15 and is a great knife. If I remember rightly I think you (Paulus) recommended it too. I've seen plenty of nice bigger blades well over £200 but I don't want to spend anywhere near that as it will rarely be used. I just want something a bit more substantial should I need to split a couple of small logs or something while out camping rather than carrying a heavy hatchet about on the off chance I might one day need it. I have a spare knife that I take now but its a 3" folding knife so it makes sense to replace that with a bigger one and fill two jobs with
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