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  1. RSPCA have obviously never had their hens killed by a "terrified" fox ! Idiots !
  2. Gutless cowards, whoever they are. If it's any consolation, 50 years has taught me that what goes around comes around ! Good luck buddy !
  3. No worries- a bit of banter among the boys never did any harm ! I'm old enough to know the difference
  4. I wish I'd kept quiet now ! Tim, the rifle is .22 and the measurement you wanted is 3.5cm, as best I can measure it BUT I have a small amount of packing at the back of the scope. As it is aluminium, I think we've established it should be removed !!!! Should I leave the packing out for now and start again from scratch over a longer range????
  5. Welcome young man! As a fellow newbie (quite a bit older than you,though!) I hope you get as much out of this as I already have. Good luck and happy hunting !!!
  6. Shooting from supported kneel, but I'm coming round to the idea that it's time to shoot a bit further ! Incidentally, I have'nt made too much adjustment to the scope, just seemed to be striking consistently low. For the umpteenth time, thanks for replying, fellas, I'm very grateful.
  7. Once again, many thanks Guys. I have taken Tim's advice to heart, and hopefully the problem will decrease as my range extends. Thanks again to all.
  8. Thank you Timmytree. That has beautifully explained something I was finding quite technical !!!!
  9. No worries and welcome friend !
  10. Come on, Rake aboot - don't sit on the fence. If you have an opinion out with it!!!!!!!
  11. thanks very much. I'll swap the mounts around tomorrow, but it's a brand new rifle so early days I guess. I'll persevere and bear all your advice in mind. Thanks to all for taking the time to reply !
  12. Thanks for that, fellas ! If anyone else has any thoughts I'd be glad to try them.
  13. As a novice shooter, I hope I'm not just being incredibly thick here, but here goes..... My Stoeger X20S and I have only fired around 150 pellets, but I've noticed that it seems to fire consistently low. They tell me this is called "barrel droop". I have packed the back end of the scope up, and this has helped a bit. As I'm only firing at around 12-15 yards at the moment (beginner remember! ) I'm worried that I'll run out of elevation at longer ranges, as the adjuster is already almost 1/2 way round. Maybe it's me and not the rifle, but any tips or advice would be massively appreciated. Thanks Guys!
  14. Thank you, gentlemen. I already have a couple of queries about the Stoeger, so I'll look for the appropriate forum
  15. Hello everyone ! I join you as an absolute novice, having recently purchased a Stoeger X20S. As a beginner, I didn't want to spend a fortune but I hope my knowledge and experience will soon match my interest and entheusiasm. Looking forward to getting to know you all better !!
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