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  1. Was good going grandad. Dont think a have ever been more tired out then I was last night Haha 2 great perms just ashame it was like training for the partroop regiment going up them hills lol But I had my fun could of had 3 but lost the other one n my white torch died Thank you mark very much appreciated mate. N thanks for taking me up grandad Ethan.
  2. I am well mate and blew up me crossawell needed night out last night tho mate only got 1 but..
  3. Haha that's out the water matemissed being out with me rifle haha hopefully be out tomorrow night Glad to hear it's still live and well matey
  4. Seeing the site aint changed much thought i had to make a apperence. Whats happening lads! Been away quite a while now somewhat 1 year Fair to say some of us need a catch up Took motocross into a hobby but a cant forget the way me grandad brought is up so am happy as to be getting back oot! Came a shock when a was told a tin of JS'B were nearly 16 quid haha bsa power But looking for another TX200 missing the springers alot . Anyways lads thats me back Thanks Ethan.
  5. Thanks a lot jj mate it means a lot to me that rifle but I hope you enjoy it mate
  6. Yepp I thought it was the thing was in it for a good amount of time
  7. Class weekend down there really enjoyed it. The night was boiling hot I was walking round with just a t-shirt on at 11 o'clock?? But I noticed a few rabbits in the top corner of a feild so kept my red lamp on them it was so hot I dropped my hat on the field and would pick it up later on in the night. So as I went to hit these rabbits I hit one dead in the neck thinking it was closer than I thought was one of the loudest squeal I've ever herd , he was lying on the floor so me thinking it was dead walks up to collect it then the bugger jumped up and ran into the hedge line a few shots it stayed until my zero was put out of place.then I go to meat up with grandad and ask him what he has got killed he had a few goodins like , going back to find my hat I realise there was something in it and it wasent anything to shoot lol. so I neal down to notice it was a hedgehog Poor thing was lost in my hat. had a class weekend up there with si what a mint bloke he is and a very good weekend indeed.
  8. I'll never forget about shooting I love it the bike is bigger than my 5 year old sister lolHoping I can get out shooting soon as well as on my new bike
  9. Thanks to si brown and mark your a life saver the bike is now here and it's massive your both a lifesaver and top lads Atvb ethan
  10. i can tomorrow when i get my phone sorted grandad
  11. coming on monday pal its a 125 4 stroke 2018 pitbike a bit to big for me
  12. as nice as the rifle is you want to see my grandad shoot it he is bloody amazing with it
  13. ill have a word with my dad pal what couler are they?
  14. thanks jj and si your a real lifesaver mate your a top bloke mate
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