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  1. I'm looking for a sliver pigeon 1 field or game. Multi choke with 28" barrels. Must be in excellent condition. Cash waiting.
  2. CZ455 22 rimfire, thumbhole stock, varmit barrel with mod, scope, bipod, 2 mags and jack Pyle camo bag. Fired less than 250 rounds and never been fired out doors. This gun is only a year old. So it's like new. Only selling because I never have time to use it. £550 NO OFFERS Inbox me for details.
  3. 0053cat

    Hatsan Escort

    What size chamber?
  4. Sorry £550 no offers
  5. Lovely gun Grade 3 Fully engraved 30" barrels Adjustable stock Magnetic high rib cost £180 Fixed choke 3/4 & full £700 Merseyside area.
  6. £50 for flight. Pm me if interested I want to book but they need a team of 4 guns.
  7. I have for sale a lovely miroku 800 shotgun. Its grade 3 and fully engraved. It has a ajustable stock. It's comes with a high rib which cost £180 last year. If you want photos emailing just ask First to see will buy. Pm me for more details. POA.
  8. A few more members wanted for our roving syndicate. Shooting, northwales, Yorkshire, Leicester and hopefully a few other places. All shooting is booked through guides. Pigeon, duck, goose, pheasant, sporting clays and rough. Must be able to shoot weekdays aswell as a few weekends Going to try and get an outing twice a month. All our dates are put up on our private Facebook page. Pm me if intrested.
  9. Hi everyone. I'm setting up a new group on Facebook for shooters who want to meet up on a regular basis for outings shooting pigeon, duck, goose, deer, pheasant, vermin and clay pigeon shooting. Going to sort out a outing once every 2 weeks but can be more. Mainly in the week. Looking for people around the merseyside area. But if you don't mind traveling you can join from anywhere. It's going to be a private group and limit it to 15 shooters. The trips out are going to work on a first come first serve basis. Im looking for friendly experienced shooters with there own SGC or FAC plus fully insured. This is going to be a friendly group where we can chat about shooting, share advice and enjoy meeting up for a days shooting. If you are intrested PM me and give me a few details about yourself and why you should be excepted into the group. Cheers Paul.
  10. 0053cat

    Friendly Shooters Wanted.

    It's Full now sorry.
  11. 0053cat

    Friendly Shooters Wanted.

    It will work on a firsts come first serve. So If I book a goose flight for example the person I know takes out groups of 4 people. So the first 4 who say they will go will be booked in.
  12. 0053cat

    Friendly Shooters Wanted.

    Right, what I'm trying to do is get a few people intrested in booking days out shooting together. Trying to get about 10 to 15 people in a group. Not everyone is going to be avalible. The only cost is when we book with someone. Ie I know someone in the midland who charges £30 a day for pigeon shooting. I'm not making any money. Just sick of trying to book places only to be told that there isn't enough shooters booked. See what I mean.
  13. 0053cat

    O/u 12G

    I've just put my gun on here. Miroku 800s I'm not that far away. Merseyside.
  14. 0053cat

    Falco .410 Sxs

    Can you email photos. paultay1980@gmail.com. I know someone who's looking for a 410
  15. I have for sale a 12g Miroku 800S Trap shotgun Grade 3 Fully engraved. Adjustable stock 30" barrel Right handed Fixed chokes 3/4 & full Lovely condition. Comes with a magnetic hight rib which was bought a year ago for £180 This gun has been a cabinet gun. Still tight. £850 ovno If you want any photos emailing just ask. Merseyside area.
  16. 0053cat

    Wanted Duck Shooting East Yorkshire

    On on Facebook and search, West yorks goose flights. They do duck
  17. 0053cat

    Duck Or Goose

    Forgot to say No more than 3 hours from Liverpool.
  18. 0053cat

    Duck Or Goose

    2 of us are looking for duck or goose shooting in Dec. has anyone got any good contacts Cheers.
  19. 0053cat

    Cartridge Choice For Geese.

    Hi all, I'm going goose shooting for 3 days in oct to Scotland. I've got a semi auto with a 3.5" chamber. What's the best carts to use? I'm also shooting Duck aswell.
  20. 0053cat

    Cartridge Choice For Geese.

    Thanks guys for the advice. MIK I'm going to dumfries.
  21. Pigeon shooting wanted around chesire, Mersyside area. Willing to pay Both fully insured.
  22. 0053cat

    Pigeon Decoys Wanted

    Looking for pigeon decoys, camp net, hide poles etc... Must be in working order.
  23. Great trap gun in great condition. 29" barrels Single trigger Full & 3/4 fixed chokes Nice dark wood If intrested send me your email for photos. £600
  24. Great trap gun in good condition. 26" barrels Ejectors Single trigger Lovely wood If you are intrested send me your email and I will send you photos. Merseyside area.
  25. Hello I've have made a mistake on the advert It has 29" barrels not 26"