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    Hi all I’m looking for a black eyed Jill closer to Newport the better. And I’m also after a 15’ mk1 collar ferret. Cheers


  2. JILL WANTED View Advert Hi all I’m looking for a black eyed Jill closer to Newport the better. And I’m also after a 15’ mk1 collar ferret. Cheers Advertiser shabba0789 Date 15/04/18 Price Category Ferreting Equipment  
  3. If lamp is still for sale could you pm me a few pictures of it cheers
  4. I've looked at the impact equivalent but am unsure. Rapid has such a following and there's good people who work on them. But like u say I missed 3 last week and now nothing
  5. I'm am looking and they seem to be as elusive as squirrels on my perm . So best way to tell if it's been tinkered with. And would u get a mk1 or mk2
  6. Getting itchy trigger finger now and only been without a gun for a few days. What should I look at paying for a mk1 in .20 with Steve pegg silencer and tyrolean stock
  7. Saturday title guys looking at getting a .20 or .22 rapid and looking for advice on what to look out for any problems etc
  8. Hi could you pm me some pictures close up both sides etc cheers
  9. I've got a cracking mk3 s200 10 shot. What's your location
  10. Looking for permission in and around newport area for shooting vermin with airgun. Cheers
  11. BSA Superten Mk3 BBK in .22, 3-12x44 Leapers SWAT Scope, weaver riser, slings/swivels, xtx silencer adapter,magazine and charging adapter. In good order apart from a few blemishes on stock will email these if anyone is interested. Asking £390 ono. Would prefer face to face. also an fx2000 is up for sale. Its a 177 and has a simmons scope. Asking £200 ono. would prefer face to face Call or txt 07564684874
  12. i will shoot magpies and crows arond barns too
  13. Cheers for the link paulus. And all the other advice given. I will keep trying and ill let you know how I get on. Cheers ian
  14. A dog only does what it is taught to do. Just my opinion
  15. Looking for somewhere to shoot rats with an air rifle. Or if somebody's looking for someone to go with them let me know. Cheers Ian
  16. Yeah I haven't joined basc yet but am going to look into it. I'm only 27 but am polite and sensible. Fingers crossed something will crop up. Hopefully there will be someone in my area willing to let me tag along. Cheers Ian
  17. Can anybody offer advice on obtaining permission to shoot vermin. I have asked all the local farms and made a card with my name number etc. Still no luck. Any advice will help. Cheers Ian t
  18. Near Cardiff. The r10 was a bit out of my price range. Looks a nice gun too. I'm looking for permission to shoot rats at the moment but with no luck. Any advice. Cheers Ian
  19. I have a super10 its the mk3 and is a joy to shoot.i think the only thing I would do to improve is a jb blueprint. That is a nice looking ultra you have there. Atb ian
  20. Hey guys just a quick post to introduce myself. I'm ian. Live in Wales and have recently taken up air gun shooting again. I used to plink as a youngster. I am now 27 and have got myself a bsa super10. It's a mk3 and in. 22 well that's me. Look forward to enjoying some shooting and being a member of the forum. Cheers Ian
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