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  1. Anyone with ferrets kits for sale in Scottish Borders? Cheers
  2. Nice looking pups, what cross is the mum?
  3. Wow thats amazing, tremendous how you've got them running over the branches.
  4. I use Zoflora diluted down in a trigger bottle, soak run with water, spray over with diluted Zoflora and brush off. Been using for a while, run smells great and no effects on dogs.
  5. Never heard of that before, their seasons are usually stimulated by length of daylight i thought, never heard of them coming back into season straight after litter. Will watch this thread for answer. Sorry couldn't be any more help.
  6. I'm getting deja vu, there was a lurcher and terrier show at Blancheland few weeks ago, run by Durham & Northumberland Terrier Club, is this same venue? Who's running this one? Great cause and I may well attend just checking details incase I am imagining things lol
  7. Had an acknowledgement, just waiting on list, will post once I get it through.
  8. Sent a text to the number earlier asking for class details but no reply so far
  9. Hi bud, Yeah my over 26" class was mixed. They were really catering to the 'ideal' rabbiting height of 23-26", that was split but under and over was combined. To be fair there was only about 10 dogs in my class so maybe it was justified to have that one mixed, must have been big class for under 23"? Shame you and your lad didn't have best day, hope you are feeling better now. Jenny
  10. Hi anyone know the running order of the classes at this show? Starts at 12pm. Houdshall, Midlem, TD7 4QA. Theres a mob number so i can contact them but thought would check on here first. Ta muchly.
  11. Well it was dry on the day, good day out. My first visit to this show. Easy to find, all the marshalls, officials were friendly and it was well run. Good classes and good turnout. I can't speak for the terrier side but I showed my lurcher, judge was knowledgeable and seemed to know what he was about,my lad got a 1st so he must have lol Anyway it was good day out, i'll go again next year if i can
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