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  1. Basicallly I'm after what east coast discribbed as a working terrier.. the type of jack Russell my granda had, a real character with more shape and better traits than the typical "pet". it won't be my first dog I've had working springers lurchers (whippet cross with a colie grey) and still have two other dogs ones 10 the others the far side of 13 but both still nut cases.. But I haven't owned a terrier And know there a different animal so want to do my research before I jump in
  2. because I want to hear other people's opinion i have my own doesn't make it right and I'm happy enough to change my opinion if someone puts forward some good points
  3. Don't need a dog but I believe it can have a good life on the farm and if I'm going to get a dog I'd rather have one that I actually want..
  4. Was thinking about that but I haven't seen a "proper" one for years
  5. Looking a terrier somthing that will be good with other dogs and animals.. can sit in digger with me.. and a decent wee ratter what do you recommend or is there anything else I should look at?
  6. Yea got 2 dozen eggs haven't been on this in ages there under hens At the min first few out took a we while to sorce
  7. To late seen it ended in jam so went on ahead with it
  8. Looking into insurance how do you get the discount?
  9. Cheers so bigger scope needed then even if it's just bigger lenses
  10. So the cz 452 and the Bruno model 2 which I am waiting for on my permit are the same guns just different names?
  11. I've been given a Brno .22lr waiting on the permit to come through but all should be sorted I hope by next week maybe 2. There's a sterling Nikko scope 4x32 looks alright any suggestions if I need to change it also I've heard about problems with the trigger being very slack ( haven't shot the new toy yet) is there a proper fix? Also would it be worth putting it in for a service when I get it ??
  12. 109k miles well looked after just through mot Monday past looking 2100 half leather seats from co. Down (its dad's jeep used on the farm will try sort out photos tomorrow)
  13. Olive nimph with gold red or blue wire we bit of tinsile gold bead and dry olives
  14. Mine had a argument with one too, two big rips on his front leg now luckily my sister works in the vets, so the bill was cheap but can't always rely on that favour.
  15. I am a unexperienced very unexperienced at fishing but so far Ive been very lucky on the first day of the season I had nothing to the point I was for going home then a kind gent showed me what to use and how to fish them so ended up catching 27 before catching a tree got my flies back but had to cut the leader from then I had 4 keepers and none under 9" (I've just realised there's no full stops). So from the first I have been out several times, even ended up going for a swim today. Have been steadily improving and catching more and more fish. Got 6 fish today (only out for 45 mins my swim cut the outing short ) However 4/6 fish where 12-14" the other 2 between 8 and 9. so have had a very good week and the water is not as cold as I thought .
  16. I'm thinking of getting insurance out on my springer who does the best cover do all insurances cover hunting dogs?
  17. You will never fully silence a .17 hmr don't forget about the sonic boom
  18. Cheers will find [BANNED TEXT] lol and no only ever cought a small jack pike accidentally had to cut the line lost my fly as result
  19. I no there's a lot of work but would be intrested with the thought of having a Bop is there any one in my area that has one and prepared to show me the ropes I have a car and prepared to drive I don't mean just for the hunting side of things but for the general keeping of the birds I no it's a big ask but any advice or pointers would be greatly appriciated many thanks david
  20. I have never fished for pike before but am interested to start as I have a few good spots on my doorstep well near enough I'm thinking about bait for them but what do I need for it and any other info is greatly appreciated if there is a thread already on this could some one direct me please
  21. Going after all will try remember some of it lol
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