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  1. Looking for a pure whippet for stud in North Wales. Thanks.
  2. the reason i havent been on for a while is just this. i think i prefer to go out hunting than read this crap. i cover a lot of land in north wales but can't find any pockets that still have lots of rabbits - i do hunt the land quite a lot (lamping at night and hawks, terriers and ferrets in the day - when not in work!) its just that rabbits seem to have disappeared more than ever and not finding many with mixi anyway going to highlands for a mth in december on a mates land where there are still plenty of rabbits thanks anyway
  3. i hunt around north wales and there are very few rabbits about - has anyone else noticed this?
  4. when can i see it do the business
  5. on a very very good night in north wales, out all night i've caught 11 but when go to scotland on hunting holiday can do that in an hour
  6. what do you call a good bag in you area? when dogs fit and conditions perfect
  7. out all day with terrier and lurchers = got soaked so having a whiskey

  8. Hi all - agree completely with original post, but have never heard of EDRD - where can i get it?
  9. i believe the reason why they knock their toe up is when the dog is either turning or when it puts all its pressure on its toes. common problem is leaving their nails too long - i've been told to cut them every fortnight. if the dogs toe is knocked up i've been told to rest for at least 6 weeks and put iodised oil on which can be bought from greyhound sites on internet. also told to cut it back to the quick but couldnt do this to my dog - decided rest is best!
  10. really gutted for you - R.I.P Bonnie
  11. the dog has damaged the ligament under the toe - people call it knocked up toe or a kicked up toe. the toe has swollen up on its nuckle joint - apparently the swelling wont go down cos its a build up of calcium
  12. I'm after a good first aid kit for my dogs - for cuts, antibiotics etc. any recommedations on where to get it from?
  13. has anyone ever used iodised oil for knocked up toes? had it off a recommended greyhound man - dont know if its the proper name but thats what he calls it - ta
  14. gutted for you - hunter1's dog died after lamping the other night and he's devastated too R.I.P shadow
  15. went out last night with hunter1 and his whippet dog fly (in picture). perfect conditions and a few rabbits about. we'd caught 9 rabbits and fly was ahead by 2. moved fields and was fly's slip - he had a crackin course on a rabbit with the rabbit getting away by turning back and jumping over him - fly came back to Hunter1 and then it was ned's slip. we noticed fly was hanging back on the lead - the bag was heavy enough so we called it a day. when we got back to the car fly collapsed - we took him to vets and he passed away a few hours later. the vet reckons he'd either taken a bang t
  16. ( i've a wippet who cut its stopper on tin sheeting - i left it for a couple of mths (using padding etc) it looked like it had healed fine but first run it split open again - havent run it since last season but everytime i'm out this season i'll tape it up cos its only a thin layer of skin - hope you have better luck with it
  17. just nipped out for a mooch with the dogs, caught three rabbits in the first field - thought it was going to be a good night....tooka long walk over the hill - just to find it was lit up like blackpool illuminations - every man and his dog was on my good patch of land! ah well thats hunting for you!
  18. Not been on for a while - been doing a lot of fitness training with thedogs - getting up at 6 to take them running etc. am just running the one dog tess at the moment started season on monday and had 4 out of 6 runs. when out on wednesday and had another 6 rabbits, when out last night - the moon was v bright & had another 6, all in all a good start
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