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  1. Kev you do that stock? i have one in bits here atm thinking if i reblue it and redo stock or go another route with it
  2. i saw the tail and thought the same joe,also whats he like off the lead dose he head for the hills? atb mate with finding him a good home
  3. Good vans mate isuzu lumps in them will run forever had one 221k and sold it on still see it running about they rot bit but are cheap as chips and run forever on fresh air
  4. Buster pop me address fella will get one off to you in morning mate
  5. She is a credit to you i remember the pics you put up of her jumping fence etc i have seen her grow since you got her,nice dog fella and shows what time patience and love can do good on ya mate
  6. thanks lads will stick to terriers i think
  7. I will let you know if lad still has the 35 for sale buddy
  8. Hi guys a friend of the family has a african grey he is 23 years old and is great with the kids but not great with the male of the house and work etc means hes not getting all the time he needs spent with him,so they are looking to rehome him i am interested in taking him and having him here as have lots of time.....but my question is if he dose not like males can you change this or will that just be they way it is with him...i am all for working on a problem but i am not into fighting a losing battle,i am trying to read up on it now but info seems to be conflicting so i would welcome any view
  9. wrong time for me or i would have bought it donny atb with sale
  10. Good luck with sale,did not know the robinsons golly wog was a digging man
  11. Nowt wrong with mels eyes if it was a pound coin he could find it in a muddy field
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