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  1. Just lined my bitch to keep a pup back for myself.  A couple are spoken for the rest are spare.

    I will only be charging £200 a pup. If she has taken. 

    Sire bull grey (10 year old)

    Dam collie bull grey (6 year old) 



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  2. 2 hours ago, SheepChaser said:

    She isn’t for sale, she’s to go to a decent person who will give her a chance and she will come back to me if she don’t suit. She’s a big lump of a dog, looks like a half x bull grey, but she be suited to rabbiting and the odd other thing, she’s tracked a few bits but she isn’t what I need for here. 

    Has she jacked? 

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  3. 41 minutes ago, fireman said:

    I had a litter of foxes to remove for a gamekeeper the other weekend and i didn't have the heart just to knock them all so two went to a fella who keeps a bit of a hawk center zoo thingy and there doing really well,feeding properly and growing like a healthy cub should...

    That's it its not all about killing, wish everybody had that mentality. 


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  4. 4 hours ago, poxon said:

    We used to let young uns watch then have a rag a bit then when ready double up as apprentice for a go then on there own I remember once going to give a up an coming young un a hand with the stabber as I thought it was making hard work of it I got a sharp word in my ear...don’t you fecking dare! it’s gotta do em single handed or it’s not staying in the kennels. 
    Now days because of how the laws set out with the ban an not keeping dogs just for that job alone an only keep one dog at a time when i think there mentally ready I get a mate go have a look on the beam  use his rifle shoot one an see if there’s any fire in there belly’s for a retrieve got to fully retrieve on its own with no human assistance 

    Always told lads if they try to stab a fox to help dog they'll be getting the knife not the fox.  We've all done silly things when young in the game. Some stuff I regret deeply 

    If a dog can't handle a fox it shouldn't be on them. 

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  5. 14 hours ago, mC HULL said:

    How many lads seen lurchers that will stay when games running until told to go ive seen a couple collies x and Mali x 👍🏽 

    Seen one collie x do it. Possibly the best trained lurcher iv ever been out with.  Was never on a slip and told when to go 

    He told me it did fox all I seen though was it chasing them, then it mopped hares and rabbit up so I don't think it like fox tbh 

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  6. 2 hours ago, South hams hunter said:

    MORE than 200,000 pupils moving from primary to secondary school this autumn...


    If these figures are correct surely this is down to the parents as much as the lockdown? All kids that didn't have someone at home (I.e working) were still at school which means those kids that have fallen drastically behind haven't been taught what the schools provided by their parents. They're on about all sorts of measures that will increase the kids time in school when really the parents should have just done their job and raised their f***ing kids surely. 

    Not all key workers kids could get places at school.

    Mine lad was OK to go secondary but daughter primary there wasn't any spaces left for her to attend. 

    Although we did are best to home school her

  7. 50 minutes ago, Kingofthelamp said:

    In my experience I’ve seen and heard of saluki dogs taking teeth and leaving it off not able for the dirty work and for deer dogs if they got a kick of a red or even fallow they wouldn’t be deer dogs for long 😂

    That's what spoilt my deerhound x I think a fallow stag gave her good clip she was never the same again tbh. 


  8. Just now, dogmad riley said:

    Do like a good deerhound greyhound, I had a bitch she started well then slowly started picking her runs and wouldn't pull any down. 

    If she had a night a month she would perform well but regular graft she didn't want it. 

    She accounted for a good number of rhd and the odd Charlie. But would pull up on df if she wasn't in the mood. 

    Edited to say I think saluki blooded dogs make alot better deer dogs

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  9. Do like a good deerhound greyhound, I had a bitch she started well then slowly started picking her runs and wouldn't pull any down. 

    If she had a night a month she would perform well but regular graft she didn't want it. 

    She accounted for a good number of rhd and the odd Charlie. But would pull up on df if she wasn't in the mood. 

  10. Sister in laws whippet has just being diagnosed with it, she had a small lump on her rear leg that has grown at a rapid rate, got the biopsy results today and its cancer, they have gave 3 to 6 months to live.

    She an old girl 12 year old. Has been fit as a fiddle all her life then last 2 months this. 

    Hope your dog has a better result its never nice, lost my 1st dog to cancer it was horrible one day bouncing around then the day after he could hardly move.  


  11. 21 hours ago, jigsaw said:

    I saw a black dog hound ,that was used week in week out and he was taking and killing foxes with gusto for a few years ,i was offered him  at 5 years old but didnt have the kennel space,one morning he took a deer with another dog and after that there wasnt a sheep safe in the country with him...he would have made some stud for a lurcher cross,...i ended putting him to sleep for the owner ,twas a pity he didnt get a home ...theres a few handy ones about if you look hard for them

    One of the best fox dogs i ever seen was a pure grey, ex track bitch. Took fox regular it loved them, was useless on deer but would catch rabbit and hare. 

    Fox was her main quarry and she loved them, unfortunately she was stolen before a litter could be taken from her. 

    She took some training to get her used to smaller dogs as she also seen them as fair game. 

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  12. On 04/03/2021 at 12:28, SheepChaser said:

    The big fool is starting to take shape now and maturing fast. Generally a friendly biddable dog but has his moments, very smart dog and pretty independent. Jumps like a stag, despite me not doing any jumping with him ..... a couple of days ago he cleared the fence into my neighbours garden to have words with their arsehole of a german shepherd..... I’m 6 foot 3 and the fence is taller than me! He’s good feet, speed and plenty of wind. I’ve pretty much tried to keep him off to much game as we don’t really have any rabbits etc here. Killed a few rats and had a couple of races with our chosen quarry when on walks. If he keeps on as he looks at the moment then he should do well for me. He’s 26”. And I still think bull x are easier 😂 






    Cracking looking dog, thats the sort of dog I'd make space for in the kennel. Looks a true all rounder.

  13. 4 hours ago, claude said:

    Is there any one planning on breeding a litter soon that doesn't want 800 quid and up for a pup been let down on 2 litters now and I would like a dog to be able to get out with next season with my children thanks in advance 

    Al be breeding my collie bull grey bitch to keep a pup back, not sure if its what your after, but I won't be asking stupid prices and both dogs are 100% everything. 

    Dam collie bull grey

    Sire bull grey 

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  14. 3 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

    I begged one off a pal who pretty much out the game bit had a brand new lamp sat about, it’s not got dimmer dial instead it got buttons to go up an down. Well not even half a season in an it’s started playing the cnut, opens it up an it’s got the worst possible connection you could put in a lamp, what a croc a shite, ill take pics tonight am post them for a laugh 😂😂 I’m gonna have to bite billet an ask somebody to rewire it as I can’t see a way of securing it without ripping it all out 😂 nice handy wee lamp aswell tho 

    I had the same one it burst into flames while using it 😅😅

    Got the twist one now but has a broken wire after 2 seasons of use which I will get round to fixing just using the normal now.

  15. 6 hours ago, foxdropper said:

    When you tell people about things like this they generally look at you like your a lying c**t but had same happen .Lamped a rabbit in the corner of a field by a wood and slipped the dog .A fox ran out and coursed the rabbit in front the dog and dog missed both 😊

    You have to be out to see these things,nothing seen sat at home .

    We were rat shooting one night at a place that was , back then a glue factory local to me .We’d shot fair few when panic seemed to go through the rat colony and a stoat appeared in the lamp before disappearing down another hole .We never saw it kill but heard it and the rats never appeared until much later that night .

    Walking out of a wood one evening with 4 squirrels on my shoulder for the Harris hawk ,shot with a .22 live and a fox calls in the field in front of me .I couldn’t see it in the failing light but had a squeak anyway .A whoosh of air by my face made me turn and there was a tawny owl talons out inches away from my face that realised its mistake and was gone .I think someone else had same on here .No noise at all .

    I shot a rabbit years back with a .22 and gut shot it unfortunately .It made the hedge and I ran to stop it reaching a burrow .As I got to it ,it was squealing and a badger out of nowhere grabbed it and we briefly had a tug of war with the rabbit until brock realised I was there .

    Hunting with the Portman years ago and we’d just netted  a fox from an easy place .I could hear hounds coming on but thought they’d be held up but no .There’s me ,fox in the air with hounds milling around me going berserk .Had to drop it eventually and lose the net 🥴.Savage I was .

    Your right about people think your lying, but some of the the things you see while lamping or hunting in general have to be seen to be believed.  I wouldn't believe half of the stories but then you see something that makes you think. 

    The joys of working with animals and being out in nature cant beat it

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  16. On 08/02/2021 at 20:48, dytkos said:

    Was lamping one night and slipped the dog on a rabbit and a fox ran in and tried to catch it.

    Dog missed both.

    Cheers, D.

    Happened to us that slipped on a hare daytime, fox appeared, hare got away and fox got pulled by the dog.  

    Was a nice big dog fox

    Never seen anything like it since, was late summer we was only 14 at the time put it in my mates dads wheel barrow so we could take it home 

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  17. 23 hours ago, unlacedgecko said:


    Some scrote in a Subaru has been lamping and threw this out the window on the way home. 

    If you’re reading this, stop driving my fücking fields or I will get upset. 

    Iv been lamping years in a subaru and never once threw one out of a window. 

    Typical propaganda 

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