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    I heard it was Caitlin janner WHO
  2. There are plenty of patterdales that can hold their own, with pedigrees going back years, and years, and years with no known bull blood in them!! In my opinion adding bull blood to a patterdale is Laziness!! put in the time and effort to find a line that sticks true to the breed. Anyone and I mean anyone with half an idea could breed a terrier that can be dug to by adding bull blood (because the prey drive is so high (which it should be!!)) But digging to a terrier week in week out, several times a week with no bull blood (or very little which is nigh on irrelevant) that only takes stick when necessary that can produce, is the art of a great terrier/terrierman/line.are you referring to your mate in cwmbran lolthe man think he gone chocolate nowcan only be for the worse
  3. heard they were allright once they get out the road a bit no bigboobs is right not that hot
  4. Heard the pickaxe line in and around Dublin wasn't up to much
  5. don't worry socks he puts up ridiculous pics up all the time
  6. we will see how the STUD DOG fairs
  7. TK must have seen a hole in it
  8. Thanks coursing mad don't she many pics of working borders
  9. Dogs are a credit to you captain
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