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  1. i got them and that lakey is well good f*****g t***** hope somebody finds out who you are scum
  2. complete tossers mate ,gutted for you, beleave me if they are caught they need a good old fashioned hammering,f****** scums
  3. Just been offered a yamaha 350 timberwolf whats your opinion on this quad?
  4. Just a quick question ,what is your ideal job? me i would love to hunt a foot pack or be in hunt service terrier work etc,
  5. when speaking to a mate of his last year he said he had over 100 terriers in his care, to me main aim is profit ,but he has in all due respect worked terriers at a high standard for many years
  6. Personaly i dont like them ,the ones i have seen have been very small and bow legged ,to much money brought into the line spoilt it ,bred for profit
  7. From january on all vixen dug are left go unless farmer is with us
  8. Just been offered a bsa lightining 177 for £120 second hand are they any good on rabbits and what ftlb can they be tuned to on a fac licence
  9. I been thinking of buying a new springer but cant decide on which one .Ive got a trusty falcon fn19 .22 at the moment ,which ive had for over 10 years,but i fancy a new springer ,ive just taken over new hunting grounds with way to many rabbits on ,so i need a gun for around 40 yards (.22 or .177 ) also bsa lightning or weirach
  10. Time and patience is everything i have a bitch in the kennel that wouldnt even bother until it was over 2 years old,then something clicked in her and ive used her for last 5 years 100 + digs to her credit now ,so give it time boys hope they turn out gooduns ,to many dogs arnt given the chance they deserve
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