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  1. was given a bull x doin the exact same thing bein slipped missing it then getten on a scent an its away. i tryed get it out of it bust just wasnt for happening an when ur out laping it f""ks off an come back bout 10mins l8r but u duno wer its been an wat fields its already cleared so had get rid of it as put u of hunting. hope u get it out of it but some dogs are just to head strong for huntiung
  2. wat u guys think the best height lurcher for a gd fox dog is? (preban of course or if ur lucky wer i live n. ireland) some say small so they can turn quick to catch some say big so its a quick kill. just womdering wat u guys think an why?
  3. just an update. dog is 100% now on recall an does wat hes told. think he was just a slower learner an realizedwith out me hes f**ked lol.. cheers roll on september fs lol
  4. my 1/4 bull 1/4 grey 1/2 whippet at 8 months
  5. i think once u put more than 3 0r 4 different breeds into the 1 lurcher u dont see the benefits of wat u have put in it to build ur gd lurcher
  6. hi im new 2 terrier work an got my self a we patterdale pup i was just wondering wat all i need 2 learn her so when i do take her out digging for foxes (in ni) when shes older itl be sweet? been a lurcher man gd few years an just fancied a terrier 2 do abit of day work. i know iv 2 learn her basics like recall sit stay etc but just wondering has any body any other gd tips to help her learn before she gets into the real thing?. no stupid or cocky comments please im only looken abit of advice
  7. my mate is selling a draglure at a gd price an i was goin 2 buy it an use it 2 keep my dogs fit over the summer an also 2 help bring my pups on. was wondering wats people opinions on them will they make the dog less of a hunter as the draglure stop before the dog catches it? any ones opinions on them would help as iv never used 1 before an always thought it was more for racen greyhounds etc. thanks
  8. hi i was just wndering wat way it work can any one turn up an enter the races an shows or do u have to enter or wat?
  9. depends wat ur hunting mate be ok for rabbits on the lamp runnen an they arer good for out ferreting really smart at marking up holes an all but every collie x iv known are very soft skinned so anything that bites bk it wont be to good on unless u carry a first aid kit lol iv seen collie xs getten cut runnen on grass an other dogs runnen the same ground not a mark on them lol but they r smart like id like something with a touch of collie in it
  10. never heard of long netting lamping like lol. how do u do it? just out of cureiosity llf
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