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  1. Jigsaw - I'm guessing your contact never came through then?
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    Anyone know of any lads doing transport runs from Scotland to south of England
  3. Talk get Conor got the slap he needed to wind his neck in, he goes to far with his comments about religion, nationality and family. Comparing him to Ali is mental... Ali was funny and humiliated his opponents but with class and knew where the line was.
  4. Allegedly a working Glen in ireland aged 10... they have been unable to find a bitch to breed him too. They are definitely an endangered working breed!
  5. Trap you had some glens over the years?
  6. I don’t think there is an existing working line of glens left but there is the odd gent still working the odd one or 2... It’s important to remember that originally glens we’re not as low on the leg as they are today, there was a much smaller size difference between wheatens and glens when both breeds were recognised by the KC in the 30’s.
  7. Very few working glens about... hard to find anyone still working them. There has been glen types in wheaten litters as there has been wheaten types in glen litters even in recent times...
  8. Never heard of any in the UK but heard of a few being worked in Eastern Europe
  9. I would do anything for my boy, he is the best thing I've got and i love the connection that i have with him. He is only 4 so my journey as a father is still only just starting...
  10. Some peoples comments are hilarious re Ronaldo... yes he is big headed, yes he does love himself but probably does more for children and various charities around the world than any other footballer today. On the pitch he has consistently played in teams that had a lot more average players than Messi, Messi has been surrounded by top players at Barcelona since day 1. What Ronaldo did at Manchester, Real Madrid and Portugal over the last decade has been nothing short of amazing, his stats, his records, his achievements and when them teams need someone to dig them out of a hole he's the man that does it. Credit where credit is due lads...
  11. Hunters use a variety of Portuguese podengos, alanos, villanos, dogos and Dogo x podengos make a nice multi functional working type which is beginning to be seen more and more... Alentejo is a very warm part of Europe, temperatures in the summer can reach well into the 40 degrees celsius, so it is a dry and hard surface to work in the summer but in the winter there’s plenty of rain, crops grow well, there can be a shortage of water in the summer but over all when it comes to a peaceful lifestyle, plenty of areas to hunt and to get out and about with the dogs it’s a hard place to beat. It’s a beautiful area... wines, olives, cheeses, chorico & Parma ham, if anyone ever makes it there, try the local black pig meat it’s AMAZING!!!
  12. Plenty of Rabbits, Fox, greys, Deers and boars... plenty to keep most hunters busy
  13. Pm me, I know Portugal well especially Alentejo. It’s an amazing country with a bit of everything for everyone
  14. Cracking little dogs... they are a credit to you victor
  15. There is a fair bit of info out there showing that they were working up until the 40-50's, they were used for a variety of functions and on a variety of game. As already been touched on here, i wonder, had the kerry had been infused with bull blood as the wheaten & glen were, wether the breed would be in a better state today.
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    get in there

    Cracking manager who played under mourinho as a goalkeeper, he has been very clever with his contacts and has brought in some really good classy young portuguese players who are way too good for that league
  17. Heading there tonight.... TOMO how did you get on?
  18. Don’t want to teach the lads to suck eggs but you asked the question... The Irish Terrier is taller (more leggier) than the welsh and lakey and only comes in red. The lakey comes in red and black & tan whilst the Welsh only comes in black & tan. The Irish and welsh are now merely show dogs in the uk, there is a few of them working in Eastern Europe, however you will still find some working lakeys about in the UK and Ire. I hope that helps in some small way...
  19. Way to much hassle going to parties... A nice dinner with the Mrs in a smart restaurant, watch the fireworks by the sea @ midnight & then home for
  20. Thanks maxhardcore... TOMO let me know how you get on and any tips would be welcome
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