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  1. Not sure about the baterys mate but I believe the 3m has the pinpointer knob on the back and the 3 doesn't atb
  2. put more holes in the collars to suit the ferrets and tighten it right up as long as u can turn the collar on the neck its not to tight
  3. f*****g scumbags hope the dogs get found
  4. u put the first pic of the finder on at 11.38 but it will also tell on the add what time it was edited when u took that pic of to put another finder on ur a f*****g gimp
  5. dsullia dsullia Donator 158 posts Location:norfolk Sent Yesterday, 11:18 PM ok no worries and yes its that one mk 3 orange with collar pop me a number will call ya bobby
  6. :laugh: i like the way u changed the pic of the finder good 1 mate but any 1 that red and saw the posts will no
  7. im not wasteing any more of my time on u at the end of the day u tryed to stroke me but i was to smart for u and ur scams
  8. Is this the one you mean pal you have had 2 topics removed by mods tonight over this as i explained to them but you do not seem to be able to get it do you,i am offering to meet you face to face to do a deal or at least to prove you got it wrong did you even read what has been said to you? i am not being funny but your not very bright it seems and i feel this is going nowhere i have done all i can can do and been as nice as i can be please buddy you got wires crossed here and i am sick of explaining to you...lets the readers be the judge i have contacted thl admin about this i think you should do the same and let them sort this out as we are going round in circles all the best pal bobby thats the 1 u offered me to swap and put the pic of it up and told me it was working 100% and wanted me to send u the lamp first but i new ur game and u got cought out
  9. are u going to report this so it gets took of so u can hide who u are and what ur like
  10. now stop making out like i was trying to stroke u and i have it all wrong u are the stroker
  11. [/img]this is the pic of ur finder that u wanted to swap me which is also on ebay and this is the other pic u have on ebay of the finder [/img] look at the nets and carpet there the same and this is what u wrote on the ebay add so how were u not trying to stroke me when u told me the finder was urs and it was working DEBEN FERRET FINDER HI WELCOME TO MY AUCTION!! I AM SELLING MY EX PARTNERS HUNTING EQUIPMENT THERE IS A FERRET FINDER WITH COLLAR IT SAYS 16 FOOT ON IT . I HAVE KNOW IDEA IF IT WORKS OR NOT AS I HAVE NEVER USED ONE SO SOLD AS SEEN THERE IS ALSO 10 FERRET NETS AN A PACK OF BATTERYS ALL COMES IN BLACK CARRY BAG NOT SURE OF VALUE SO I WILL HAVE TO LOOK ON INTERNET ALL OFFERS CONSIDERD MANY THANKS ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK
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