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  1. rhondda boy

    Fighting Talk

    Cliff fields beat Lenny Macleans Cliff was a pro boxer then turned to non licence boxing
  2. rhondda boy


    i was walking up the side of a field my dog started straining on the lead and snapped it next he was ruining up the field and grabbed a feral cat I thought it was a fox by the time I got to him the cat was dead
  3. this is my whippet big strong boy and very fast
  4. Shes a very smart lookin bitch, very typical looking of that line from the ones ive seen. My own dog is from same lines, good wind, feet ,nose , drive and very trainable
  5. rhondda boy

    Best Pic Of One Of Your Lurcher

    this is my whippet
  6. rhondda boy

    Lurcher Attacked

    they not dogman they are pure evil shit hope they get caught and get what they deserve
  7. rhondda boy

    Pup Limping

    same append to my jack Russell run in the garden with my whippet done her tendons still not right after 3 months get it to vets for peace of mind
  8. I,m 67 still mooching around the fields getting a few for the pot
  9. rhondda boy

    Roxi Went Off Her Leg Yesterday!

    my jrt did the same turn on her back leg and I,v had to rest her for three month,s she got to go back to the vet next week she got tendant damage she,s not 100% better at the moment
  10. rhondda boy


    any one know the date of the maston mortain show
  11. rhondda boy

    To Young To Leave Me,,,r,i,p Ern Lad

    i feel sad for your loss of such a good dog so young R I P Ern
  12. rhondda boy

    Lets See Your Whippets!

    this is my whippet 22 ins to sholder
  13. rhondda boy

    Finishing Hazel Sticks

    use a couple of coats of gun oil gives a great finish
  14. rhondda boy

    Missing Lurcher !!!!

    hope the she,s found safe and well all the best of luck
  15. rhondda boy

    Fleas Lol

    i make liver cake and put garlic puree in it and never see any fleas on my dogs i use it as treats