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  1. Does anyone know a reasonable priced place or website I could get a punchbag a medicine ball and some dumbbells from I tried googling but I can’t really find anything
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone had a electrician out this morning turns out it was just a worn out switch so £50 later all back on
  3. Yes they are linked that’s what threw me because I thought if they were different amps they wouldn’t be
  4. No I’m no electrician just got half a idea but if common sense really I won’t do anything without checking with a electrician just can’t get hold of one tonight so thought I’d ask on here
  5. Yeh I tried the fuses first off they seem to just be normal switches nothing to alter the amps but that’s why I’m asking
  6. So this afternoon the oven won’t turn on I have taken the oven out put it on a separate power supply it works I put a plug on the wire coming out the wall there’s power so it must be the switch but for some reason it is wired through two switches the only reason I can think is because the top is separate I’m now thinking of just putting one switch on is there any reason I shouldn’t any help is appreciated thanks
  7. My sister had a pet Russel bitch looked the part but useless used to run loose all the time my American bulldog got to it she had a litter 4 pups no problems at all
  8. Just over one in the first picture 4 in the next ones been doing abit last few weeks not enough to be called properly fit though
  9. I got sent that video as well I think one of the men is from Southampton way if it’s the same lot
  10. if you have one million five hundred thousand pound to be divided equally between three thousand and forty people what’s the answer I know for some this is a simple question but I’m terrible at maths and can’t get to the bottom of it any help appreciated thanks
  11. I’m not far from reading never knew they was round here
  12. Never see any Muntys round here till about 5 year ago now I seen quite a few strange things they just sit dead still in the woods I been up to 3 foot from them before they bolted and they just seem to disappear
  13. Maybe a jagd x dratthharr a working airdale or a rein terrier I would have said would do the job you want it doesn’t have to have sighthound in the makeup by the sound of it
  14. I think I’m the wilder rematch fury proved he can push forward against a big puncher and wilder is a bigger puncher than Joshua there is just nothing Joshua has got to beat fury unless he gets really lucky with one punch and it would have to be very lucky because fury has proved he can take bigger punches than Joshua can give
  15. Joshua is a very standard boxer fury is a much better boxer if Joshua try’s to box him he loses if he try’s he’s power he’s not strong enough Joshua can’t take a punch fury can he brings nothing to the table to beat fury that’s why he has ducked him and that’s why he ducked wilder
  16. I would say it depends on what you intend to do with the dog
  17. Fury all the way he outclasses Joshua in every way the only thing Joshua got is a strong left hook and I think fury proved against wilder he can take a shot if wilder couldn’t stop him Joshua cant
  18. I’m not on either side here as I’m open to then being here but if your sure of a area and time I’m struggling to see why you can’t get evidence fair enough you don’t want to say the location and have every Tom dick and Harry traipsing about but couldn’t you set up camera traps and get a select few of people you trust and get watching
  19. I’ve got that on vhs in my shed still have t thought about that for years if I remember one man gets stuck up a tree and drops his gun and the other man says to leave it it’s only a gun not worth getting hurt over
  20. That done more to convince me their is only some escapees from time to time possibly than a breeding population
  21. They don’t look bad dogs and it’s nice to see them being used but I doubt they will have the power or courage to stop a man
  22. What is the distribution I’m not convinced either way always leaned towards it being true than not and I assumed if they were here they were small numbers in one part of the country but I’ve seen on here estimates of five hundred and Wiltshire to Scotland mentioned
  23. Shouldn’t cost no more than £2000 not to sure of the cranes though we’ve used them but not to that weight but a 8 tonn weight lifted over a house cost us £450
  24. It’s a joke every time there’s a thread worth reading it gets ruined and locked
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