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  1. Hello lads haven’t been on for a while but I’m on the look out for a jagd pup if anyone can point me in the right direction would be appreciated please anywhere in the uk distance not a problem for the right dog 


  2. So this is the story my old Lakeland Russel bitch died beginning of the summer leaving me a dog down i mentioned this to a few of my mates and one of them offered me a pup from a upcoming breeding well the time has come the dog is almost ready here’s the problem it’s a dog I want a bitch i am looking to do some kind of a deal for a bitch pup or slightly older the dog is a pure jagd from imported parents I would prefer a jagd but am open to some other cross now before everyone rips into me for wanting to swap dogs and being some sort of peddler I am not and if I don’t find the right deal from the right person then I will either keep the pup or find it a working home 

  3. I’ve been watching this programme what these people do is insane would never think it would be possible for normal people I was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with similar stuff or if there was any amateur things in this country

  4. I tried this in the trapping section with no luck I have these traps set all the time baited with peanut butter I had some success with them then nothing I can’t catch anything with them the rats are still here I’ve seen them so should I move them I don’t know if the rats get used to them and won’t go in I don’t know anything about this so any help is appreciated thanks 



  5. I’ve got these traps set all the time baited with peanut butter I’ve had reasonable success for about a year now but the last 2 months nothing the rats are stil about as I’ve seen them my question is should I move the boxes to a different place I don’t know anything about trapping so any advice is appreciated thanks 



  6. 15 hours ago, Bolero said:

    That is correct but when one of the two are known to be easily handled by children and hand fed not a pet but fully wild badgers and if this was tried with the other type of badger at best a finger would be lost but most likely a good part of the hand will be gone  the European badger being the one who can be handle and hand fed  there is actual video footage of this I would venture to say that there is quit a difference in the two 



    I been reading all the things you been writing on this and the other thread and you go on like you are 200 year old invented dog fighting and hunting and covered the world hunting everything that’s ever existed and to be honest I think half of what your saying is shit mate

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  7. A mates grandad tells this story deadly serious he was on a plane a commercial flight going to Spain when the pilot come over the speaker and said they have a problem with one of the engines is there anyone on board who can fix it so he stands up says I can he then climbs out on the wing and bleeds the engine gets it going and they carry on to Spain 

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