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  1. I use verm X,cheap and easy to use,also more importantly very effective. use in a syringe 1ml verm X with 2ml water straight down the throat for three days on the trot..I do it every 6 weeks.
  2. I know there are many travellers on this site some good people and some not. out of all the travellers I know of there is only 2 lads I will ever trust because they are proper chicken men and that was only out of luck because when I first started with chickens they came and knocked on my door, I was a newbie then and had no idea of people stealing chickens so got to know them through the years and they are good people - but if it was now and they came to look they would still be shown the way out I will never give anyone knocking on the door time of day
  3. travellers or any other people would get shown the way out if they came here and asked to see the birds without an invitation. but like I said all have been travellers knocking on the door with attitude, just wouldn't give then the time of the day
  4. sorry if I'm going around in circles just want to build the best once and for all and make the right choice
  5. the foundation for a block build is going to be expensive and difficult?
  6. ok mate just one more thing because you seem to know your stuff about this - if I bought a wood shed - instead of using brick around it (which was my original idea) what about metal fences for security? so nothing can get through it, I mean heavy duty metal fences all the way around. Thanks before hand
  7. also socks - did you need planning permission for that?
  8. ah right, that is what I am going to build by the looks of things then now, does it stay warm inside? and what are your pens built of inside mate...Thanks.
  9. just shows dusk til dawn that's what the scum will do b******s
  10. I do like that setup socks. that's the type of brick I am talking about - what do you think about building a shed with them bricks you have on the bottom all the way round instead of using any wood at all? will it be warm enough? secure enough? will pens be easy enough to build. thanks before hand.
  11. I have had people knock on my door in the last 5 years. Every single one has been travellers - and I have not entertained any of them for a second. Like I said when you are straight forward they don't like it at all. I put a post up a few months back about 3 travellers that came and started getting funny, I told then straight away I don't show my birds - next thing you know they're peeking over the fence trying to see. It makes me sick and my blood boil that there is such scum about. hopefully when this shed is done that will be it once and for all.
  12. thanks MR WILKES - unfortunately the area I am in if people are driving past they can hear the birds crowing and sometimes the wrong people come to the door and ask to see the chickens and when you say no they get funny about it the scumbags. This way I will not be bothered who drives past or who knocks on the door because good luck trying to even get close to the birds.
  13. DUCKWING - I will go to any lengths to stop the scum even getting close to my birds, a purpose built shed is going to be built I don't care how much money it will cost as long as it's scum proof and keeps them away.
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