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  1. I have just completed this for my stand on the British Deer Society at the CLA Game Fair. A large vase engraved with Fallow buck in the rut, all hand engraved using a dental drill .All members are welcome to come and see me working on The British Deer Society stand, 19-21st July.
  2. I was commissioned by a customer to hand engrave this 6 inch optical crystal book as a presentation piece for H.M. The Queen to mark her 60th anniversary of the Coronation. I have engraved several pieces over the last 30 years which have been presented to The Queen. This is the spine of the book
  3. Hi Kay, my website is www.davidwhymancrystal.co.uk
  4. I have just been commissioned to engrave this 7 inch circle of optical crystal for the National Trust, for presentation to a ranger who has worked at Lyme Park for 45 years. The building is engraved on the back with the red hind and the stag is engraved on the front to give a 3 dimensional effect. All the engraving is carried out freehand using a dental drill.
  5. Yes I can engrave the blades of knives -I have done one or two already
  6. I charged £700 for this one which I don't think is out of the way for the ammount of work involved
  7. We found out that Eliphalet Remington's (dodgy Christian name ) parents came from a small village in Yorkshire called Rimington which I believe is an anglo saxon name
  8. This is a shotgun I have just engraved, I am fairly new to engraving guns and this is the first portrait I have engraved on metal, as I am normally a glass engraver. The engraving was commissioned to mark the 50th Anniversary of the 1100 and the portrait is Eliphalet Remington the founder of Remington. I am now confident to engrave any persons portrait on a gun as well as any subject.
  9. you can always book for next year, I will supply the same packages
  10. I think this piece(BiCentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar) is the best one I have done-it's called "cased crystal" this is where the large chalice is made in clear crystal, then encased in cobalt blue crystal, so when blown into the shape there is a fairly even layer of the blue crystal on the outside of the piece to a thickness of about an eighth of an inch. The engraving is carried out at different depths so that the blue becomes lighter the deeper you go ,and in some places cutting through the blue and into the clear to give white, This takes a very long time to do and is a real collectors piece, I sold it to a collector a few years ago
  11. not for the ammount of time it takes + the price of the 7 inch optical crystal block 4-5 day's work on this
  12. these are very good packages and you can add onto them at extra cost of trophy fee -any animal flight is approx £700-£800 but I haven't checked lately, must do that to be sure JUST CHECKED FLIGHT PRICES FOR MAY THIS YEAR ABOUT £702
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