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  1. I think as long as it's waterproof and fairly knock resistant that should be enough from the case.
  2. clayflint

    Cheers Folks..

    If your done then fair enough but you could still continue posting on here I'm sure you have thousands of stories and photos to share, I have also always enjoyed your posts. Adam
  3. clayflint

    A Tribute To Derrie

    Fitting tribute. RIP
  4. Spires vets in chesterfield for general stuff, can't book so can be a wait, but I've never felt overcharged and are senesible never been pushed into anything intact probablay the opposite. And not used yet but Paul Evans come highly recommended as a greyhound vet from many people. Adam
  5. clayflint

    Some Beddy Cross's

    Found a couple more that will upload all taken on my I phone as I'm sure you can tell. Adam
  6. clayflint

    Some Beddy Cross's

    My beddy grey x whippet grey, 9 1/2 yrs old, stands a tad over 23". Still puts a smile on my face every time we're out. Won't let me upload any other photos says there to big. Adam
  7. clayflint

    D Lloyd Lamps

    Just got in from beating and new lamps here, ordered it Thursday night so brilliant delivery/postage. Cheers D Lloyd can't wait to try it out. Adam Also Has anybody compared the 120 to the lamp with the red and white bulbs? Cheers Adam
  8. clayflint

    Best Weatherproof Clothing For Lamping

    I have just got the same ones but not insulated. I got them after my cousin did a season pheasant beating, lamping and general mouching and they are surprisingly waterproof and have good thorn protection . I wore them lamping a few days ago it was still and they were a little noisey but a good wind and some rain and I don't think they'd be bad at all. Adam
  9. clayflint

    Walking The Mutts Before Work

    Always an hr in the morning normally 6:30-7:30 then at least 2 hrs in the evening. Been walking other people's dogs recently so mine have been getting 4-5 hrs a day lol. Everyone's settles at night tho
  10. clayflint

    Two 5/8 Greyhound 3/8 Beddys

    Agree i run a beddy grey x whippet grey and have been looking for a 3/4 grey 1/4 beddy for a while now. These are pretty close. adam
  11. clayflint

    Retriever Crosses.. ??

    Just met a lurcher in the park today who looked the spit of Fuji's pup, first thing i asked was how was it bred and it was golden retriever over show whippet. Its build and confirmation were awesome lol.
  12. clayflint


    Hi are there any up to date or old for that matter pictures of maurice and eddie, just so i/we can see what the stamp of dog is like in comparison to Don, it'll be yours and your boys decision in the end but nice for us to chuck a penny in lol. Cheers adam
  13. clayflint

    Today Pictures

    love that bruce dog:)
  14. Hows the bitch bread Dai? Sounds like the dogs not only done some graft but also got some good lines in it, same for the bitch? regards Adam
  15. clayflint

    A Tartan Topic..

    Brilliant photos and looked an awesome day out. adam