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  1. big napper

    Isle of Mull

    Looks great pal, nice one
  2. Nice shots mac, the new gun looks great pal
  3. Sounds like itl be a good perm, nice one mate
  4. Dead ringer longshanks, nice one mate
  5. Nice one mate, same here but its air rifle for me, cant wait, hope yous get plenty
  6. Cheers pal, it is a decent place for that but is a good place for longtails when its not so full of straw and hay, theres plenty in here
  7. Went to the farm shop hoping to get a good few longtails and ferals as iv not been for a while, the place was packed with bails of straw and hay, they just got delivered the other day so not much chance of seeing much about, could hear plenty scuttling around, got a feral and longtail and came home after an hour or so
  8. Nice butterfly but he's an ugly twat
  9. Nice one mate great result, bet your grandson loved it, il be taking my grandson out ferreting in a few month for his first time, hope he enjoys it
  10. Durham john where are you mate, anyone know , he's not been on here for a while, hope your ok pal.
  11. big napper


    Thats great, he is a cracking dog pal, at long last i got myself a cocker pup after looking at a few
  12. Cheers mate, its perfect for that and laying in the ditch, iv had a few doing that
  13. Cheers phil, the ground is totally clear of any plantlife its that shaded in there, the problem is from about a mtr off ground is where all the branches start so no pathway at all throu it mate, il get some pics of in the woods next time im there and youl see what i mean, its so thick i dont think anyone could have walked throu it for years so hopefully lifting with squirrels, theres plenty rabbits in there
  14. Haha, cheers mate, iv had some of these about 3 or 4 years now in this area and keep getting more adjoining land, most of it paddocks, small holdings and salad farms, its a great place for shooting and ferreting
  15. Cheers si, yes mate I've got a good few now, most in one area (miles of it) about 45 mins drive from home but still some decent ones nearer and further
  16. Bet thatl be good with the hawks pal, have a good time
  17. Went out with my mate this morning, it was throwing down all night so fields were soaked, i got 2 decent rabbits and my mate came back with 2 he shot, only out a few hours as it was way too clammy, got a new permission today aswell the woods in the picture, its that thick i dont think it can be walked through but will check it out next week, hopefully got plenty squirrels in it
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