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  1. chudleys working crunch ans Australian mix puts a good coat on ur dog and u see a differance whilst running.
  2. i would not bother mate causes more problems than anything else.
  3. i think most people dont have time but i prefer to bring a pup on meself.
  4. your not far off lol, had a bit bother with them up boulmer way last season. They just follow you and ring the police. We got swamped on A1 off a load of police after the patrol followed us for a while haha embleton was a night mare last year for me haha
  5. any body have any trouble with these so called poacher patrol in northumberland last year they were night mare for me like
  6. nice looking dog propper wolly thing and proper vicous haha
  7. hammy had tevez last year propper viscous fecker it would kill a hair and not let u get near it hes got a good few pups out of tevez to a dog called spinner.
  8. yes mate my dog is bred out of jontas and eddies dog.
  9. yes mate really steady dog carnt wait till season starts haha
  10. am not quite sure have to get the pedigree off Alan a will find out for you in the next day or to.
  11. the main thing is as long as she does for you atb in sport i watched her run all off last season which was her first season...and she ran well ...i dont think there would be to many people who wouldnt be happy with her.....very interested to see how she does this coming season...ive got some more land for this season ..good land too...so plenty to go at ..regular running next season.. saluki nip hows your pup bred ...hard to see it properly ..and how old is it .... hes bread out of a pup from Blondie that Alan bread to a dog called SAM belonging to Eddie common and he will b
  12. wens shes 12 month start putting her on couple of rabbits mate
  13. heres mine of last year just under 3 foot
  14. http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh482/sid12310/th_P1000861.jpg picture of my dog out of alans breed
  15. http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh482/sid12310/th_P1000861.jpg
  16. i have got the 1 0f the grandson out of Blondie he absolute double of her only live round corner from Alan can email u pics of him if you would like a picture
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