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    Hunting, soccer , self sufficency all sport really and i love dogs would be lost without my pack of dogs!!
  1. great vid, good looking dog
  2. hgv licence a good idea ive been treatning to do it for years. my father driving trucks all his life and as bad as thngs are gone he always has work one way or another
  3. lovely looking dog lad looks a cracker. what breeding he? how much saluki?
  4. well done them pies look decent thanks for sharing il have to give it a go some quite sunday cheers
  5. thats looks lovely and il av to try it. One question when soaking in salted water how much salt and for how long? p.s ur lucky the dog left ya any haha
  6. ok ur right gona have her pts as hard and all as its gona be as she was my very first dog but as ye all said if she done it once she will do it again
  7. best of luck with her some good info on this thread was working for me anyway. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/250891-1st-cross-saluki-x-hound/ atb christy
  8. f***k u mate we all make mistakes no one is perfect :laugh: yes mammy f***k sake some decent people on ere and some proper a**e holes
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