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  1. thanks a lot that helps your a star il just head to lawerance town hope its sign posted well not get lost I hope lol il get the blame
  2. My friend acctually has an airedale off ronan I went with him to pick the dog up I both the dogs ronan had with him were In excellent order we've worked the bitch round holes and did well and through cover with hounds with fields full of sheep and the bitch didnt bat an eyelid
  3. the two I had wernt worth a fcuk as digging dogs but they would of worked cover but not good enough for me if your not willing to work to ground no point in staying here that's what spaniels are for
  4. Does the game bedlington look like the one in your profile picture
  5. jackpot if you have a problem with Leanne why not just phone her and sort your problems with her or approach her at a show no need to be giving abuse over the internet and bullying a women
  6. Excellent mate good the. 2 young ones liked it lol start them young
  7. is there boys with hounds up your way youngman
  8. Watch were u work her if she goes to ground some places chest doesn't matter lol on the bushing part. Take her for what she is and enjoy her sounds like a good bushing dog
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