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  1. Graham M

    .243 Reloaders

  2. Graham M

    .243 Reloaders

  3. Graham M

    Diana Pre-War Model 27

    Was hoping to have finished this rifle, but Christmas came along and then we had a big expense (had to buy plane tickets to go to see my son in The States in June), so only managed to get it into Bum this month. Went to get it last week but the Gunsmith hadn't been able to get it done due to a few problems, so it looks like next week. Hope to show it off when it's all done. G
  4. Graham M

    Moving House

    I moved my cabinet from one bedroom to another when I redecorated and they came around to check on it. G
  5. Graham M

    Hw80 Pellets

    I know it won't be of much use, but I have been shooting a .177 pellet called "Match Kugeln" at the range and they really are super accurate. They are a wad-cutter of course but as such would make an excellent rat pellet.
  6. Graham M

    Diana Pre-War Model 27

    Looking forward to a bit of fun with it although I'll leave the serious rabbit work to the Weihrauchs . I have a 77k with a 97 stock, and last year I bought a 57 as it is a lot lighter for me to carry. (decrepit old bugger) I use them at the top end of the shoot where the land is bordered by houses as it makes it a lot safer than the RF or the Hmr, but it would be something special to use the Diana although it is in .177 and I have always preferred a .22 for bunnies. Will have to see how that Meteor spring works as they were only @10ft lbs if I remember correctly, so gawd knows what the power will be in the 27.
  7. Graham M

    Lil'gun Or H110?

  8. Graham M

    Diana Pre-War Model 27

    There are a couple of options in Brum, so I want to try those first before I go too far afield. His work does look very good though.
  9. Graham M

    Diana Pre-War Model 27

    Lovely. Is that metallic butt pad? That old springs benter than my neighbour... And thats saying something. Yes it is a metallic butt-pad. It's a bit dull in the photo but it is much better without the flash. Looking to get it blacked in Brum, but I don't want to have to sell a kidney to pay for it. It was browned originally but I think i would have to sell both kidneys to get it back to the original colour , so a nice black will have to do
  10. Graham M

    Diana Pre-War Model 27

    Here is the rifle stripped and satin polished- As you can see the foresight is a bit on the short side- The original spring is totally knackered (with a capital "F") So I have replaced it with an old BSA Meteor spring, which fits absolutely perfectly. The bits and pieces all polished ready to blacked.
  11. Graham M

    Diana Pre-War Model 27

    I have an old one that has had the top broken off making it @ 3mm shorter than it originally was. My only fear is that it will be too low to line up when the rear sight is at its lowest, thus making the rifle shoot too high. If I could be sure that this would be OK I could polish and fit the old foresight prior to getting the barrel etc re-blued, but I don't want to go to all the trouble of fitting it and then having to drift it out if it is wrong. The simple answer would be to fit everything together and shoot it, but I don't want to ruin the leather washer by having to remove it again in order to have the action blued. Rez I promise to post a picture when it's all finished, but if you like I can take a shot of all the polished bits and pieces to give you an idea of how it's coming along.
  12. I am renovating a Diana pre-war model 27 and up to now I have been able to source everything I need except the front sight. I have looked at one from a model 23 which looks very similar, but I'm not sure if it is exactly the same size. Anyone know for sure if the model; 23 front sight will fit straight into the model 27???
  13. Change the rings around; put the back one to the front etc
  14. Graham M

    Dsc1 Indentification

    Good site to read through- http://www.bds.org.uk/index.php/advice-education/species
  15. Graham M

    Lost My Appeal

    Haven't posted for a while but remember the original thread and all I can say Stalker is I am absolutely gutted for you. If anything, it is a lesson to us all never to tell the police if you have made any little mistakes, as they will use them to screw you. (how wrong is that?????) Like most I was always brought up to be as truthful to the police as possible, but it does make you stop and think if it's now worth it if they are going to use your own lawful demeanour to prosecute you. G