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  1. Reduced to £450 or £400 gun only.
  2. I do love it mate, but I need the cash more. Sorry mate, I've been offered more than that already. The rifle alone cost me £495 so as you can imagine if I sold everything for £425 I would be losing out massively. £475 is the lowest I will go for everything listed above, or £425 for the gun only.
  3. As new, only three weeks old, in immaculate condition, its only had two tins of pellets through it. The stock is amazing, one seriously good looking piece of walnut. Its extremely accurate and likes AA Field and Falcon Accuracy plus best. It comes in original box with blank warranty card, a Hawke Nite Eye 4-16x50 IR AO SR6 scope, two piece mounts, Armex Force One gun slip (£35 from Uttings), and 3/4 of a tin of Falcon Accuracy Plus. I would rather sell face to face, but will post Royal Mail Special Delivery at buyers expense. £495 ovno Or £425 gun only
  4. Rub it down with .0000 wire wool, then cover it in boiled linseed oil and rub in with your hands. Leave to dry over night then repeat again till you have the desired finish. I did my Pro Sport like this, it looks amazing.
  5. Very good condition, comes with Nikko Sterling Gold Crown 4x40 scope and 1 piece mounts. I will add photos shortly. £160 plus P+P
  6. Flow


    Damn, they eat a lot.
  7. Flow

    My new TX

    The loudencer.
  8. Because having your adjustment turrets at the extremes of their adjustment is more likely to cause your scope to go off zero. The idea is to shim your scope to as close to zero as possible, then fine tune it with the elevation and windage turrets.
  9. Reduced to £220 plus P+P, no offers.
  10. Flow

    My new TX

    I'm dying
  11. Flow

    My new TX

    Probably one of his weird anal toys
  12. Flow

    Air Arms TX200/Pro sport!

    New they are roughly £495.