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  1. Goldminer

    Dressing Rabbits.

    Winchester do a lovely little black fixed blade skinning knife with a curved blade. Had mine for about four years and the blade is still in great shape, holds an edge really well and cleans easily. Great value at £12. Just wish it was a bright colour
  2. Hi guys unfortunately I won't be able make this one . My stepdad gets out of hospital tomorrow after eight months. So we are going up to the farm to give my mom some support and welcome Dad home. There is also still quite a lot of work to do to help modify his room and accesses, bathrooms etc I really am going to miss you guys, but I am elated that he has made it home, there were many nights spent sitting in the family room with him not expected to survive the night . I hope you all have a great weekend , I look forward to the posts and Si's videos . Coop
  3. Still not sure Davey. Steves daughter is still in hospital and so is my step dad :-( it's not been a good time recently with one thing and another. I will keep you posted mate . Thanks .
  4. Yes mate it's the decider, best of three lol
  5. Hi Davey Thanks for the heads up . I really would like to come work permitting , I will let you know as soon as possible mate. I will also check with Steve :-) Regards Coop
  6. I thought those were some of the best pics you took at the meet Darryl. I also like some of your portraits mate.
  7. Goldminer

    Most Reliable Semi Auto?

    They all jam some time mate, some more than others. I haqve a Xplor 400 light and that has never jamed, but it did break off an extractor claw after 250 shells. It was fixed by Beretta but it took em five weeks. I have Teknys AL 391 with 30" barrel and extended chokes years old but super reliable not really a field gun though and heavy. Just keep feeding yours 32g shells it helps. Good luck
  8. any idea on what its called mate It's called Solvol Autosol :-)
  9. Goldminer


    I have been using these for a while and I like them. Had quite a bit of success with high flying crows that think they know the range of a 391 with full choke.
  10. Goldminer

    Custom Stock

    Now that's what I call a custom stock . I know cos he made me one too :-)
  11. Goldminer

    Sneak peek.....

    i have a plan???? for next year! Already in negotiations for 2013 meet make sure your passports are up to date what, you thinking of setting one up in cymru That's me buggered if you do . The ex wife's still got a price on my head, after all it's only been 25 years since I legged it . Got bloody long memories them welsh gals lol
  12. Goldminer

    Custom Stock

    Hi Karl . If you are thinking of putting one of those skeleton stocks on a TX, I wouldn't . I had one on my MK III and it was truly awful . It made the rifle nose heavy and it was incredibly difficult to get any kind of groups. The rifle looked fantastic but shot like a dog. I hadn't worked out why the rifle was so inaccurate , all I knew was the previous owner couldn't get on with it and sold it. I decided to break the rifle up and sell what I considered to be the best bit of the rifle. I bought a second hand MKIII fish scale stock for £25 and stopped the stocks. I sold the CS stock to my mate (poor unsuspecting sap lol) and lubed and set the TX up for sale. It was incredible. The TX was spot on. It was only then I realised it was the stock all along. I still have the TX and the poor unsuspecting sap , sorry I mean my mate has sold the CS. I hope this helps ( and that you have a TX lol) .
  13. Really enjoyed the vid and the day Si. It was our first THL meet and a big thanks to all the members for making us so welcome. It was a fantastic sum raised for a very worthy cause. Well done to all who attended and thanks to you Davey and Charlie for all you hard work.
  14. Goldminer

    smooth spring air rifle

    I have a SFS HW97KT and it is a really smooth rifle. Si is right Tony Walls your man.
  15. It's past your bed time lol I know but I just got to excited I couldn't sleep when I saw the meet dates Ps I sighted in the Hw97k yesterday and knocking the spinners round no problem at 40 yards, can't thank you enough for showing how to and tuning the gun! Your most welcome mate and thank you :-) now go to sleep :-)