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  1. Did exactly the same with mine after reading this thread, was an a##e to get back in the right way. But keep trying and eventually it'll just go back the way it should be. Thought mine would never go back together again, but it all just fell into place. It's impossible to get it back in the gun if it's not right, so don't worry about it being unsafe.
  2. I have a cz 527 .223 American. Also a cz 452 .17hmr also in American. Great value for money, very deadly. Maybe not my first choice, but they came at a price I couldn't refuse and I'm getting on well with both.
  3. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a bore guide that fits the 17hmr as well as a .223 ? Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Lots to consider. I fitted the rubber extender because when I put my eye to it I can see the whole picture, whereas if it's not on I have to play around to see the whole picture as in move my eye back/fore/up/down. I am not shooting live quarry, and will not until I get this issue sorted. And I have a good backstop. Thanks again for replies
  5. Next time I get a chance I will check everything is tight. Yes, the target was this way up and I am right handed and right eyed. I did notice for a couple of shots that I did close my eye in suspense for the recoil ( I have a rubber extender on the back of the scope so it blocks the light out, this is what kicks against my eye). I may not have been completely comfortable as I was prone and have never shot from this position before. It is a wood stock and a piece of paper goes all the way up between the barrel and forestock. The loads were given to me when I purchased the rifle, it is second h
  6. This a picture of the target I used last night. I was set up approx 100 meters away with no wind. The rifle was supported by a MTM Predator Rest. The first four shots are the ones with rings around, this was when I aimed at the center of the target (small dot). The next four shots were when I was aiming at the larger pink circle. I didn't adjust the scope once, kept my breathing steady, the barrel was cool I'd say as I was walking between the target and rifle between every shot. Is there any explanation for this? The rifle is a CZ 527 American, no moderator. The ammo are homeloads of
  7. I had my SGC for almost 5 years, I think it had 8months remaining. I phoned BASC who discouraged me from going for a co-terminous because it was 'hassle'. So off I went and applied for FAC only for the FEO to encourage me to get both done at same time. It took a week longer because he had to come back to collect the paperwork for SGC. Just do it, you won't regret it. The FEO was nice as pie. He lives in Aberaeron, so he could well be the one who visits you. Regards
  8. Let me know what you have, would ideally like CZ, Anshutz, Browning, etc - shorter barrel would be preferred, wood or synthetic. If it includes scope and mod it would be a bonus. Let me know what you've got. Thanks
  9. Got mine today -Dyfed Powys. Final visit to collect co-terminous paperwork was 23/10 - FAC delivered 14/11. 16 working days in total or 3 weeks 1 day. Well happy
  10. upon closer inspection the .22 is a BAM with 4x20 scope and the .177 is a smk15 with 4x40 scope the .22 has 3 tins of pellets, approx 750-850 pellets in total at a guess the .177 comes with 2 tins of pellets, some decent match pellets approx half a tin - and a brand new box of smk pellets
  11. Hi, I have two air rifles for sale. One is a .22 smk underleaver with a scope (unsure of mag - will check later). Wooden stock, single shot, spring action. In good condition. The other is a .177 smk break barrel, single shot, spring action, wooden stock. This is a lovely light gun, maybe a junior size, but it's a sweet little gun. This one also comes with a scope (will check details of scope later). Hardly used in good condition. I also have available various pellets for both of these guns which will be included. Make an offer, based in West Wales, between Carmarthen and Aber
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