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  1. Black & Tan - Stella - Saluki x Bull Grey, before I could drive and walked absolute miles everywhere with her. Hope to get her back to that this year . Brindle - Woody - Whippet only young best pic so far.
  2. I owned the other lightforce 170 with huge battery before and had no problems with the lamp it self and this is the same but just with the little battery so judging on what knowledge I do have all should be fine with this for me.. (I hope) I refuse to carry round a battery pack now for lamping but I'll let all know how it gets on and I should be making a few vids soon with it
  3. My new 170 enforcer turned up, bit of rain and moody skies today, going to give it a test tonight and give my boy a few runs to get him fired up for the season that will be upon us so quickly
  4. My boy 14months old, bit psycho prey drive, everything is going to get it attitude, as long as his gives his all I'm happy with that
  5. Yes he weren't happy with it at all lol and yes footage from them is quite crap, I looking into a canon xl1s as I normally have someone who lamps with me as well so he can slip the dog and lamp and I record on that and get a tripod set up for ferreting with it
  6. Want to make a little montage of my dogs this year doing a bit of work. Just wondered if anybody has used a gopro when lamping, I did buy the dog mount for mine but I personally believe its designed for your everyday Labradors ect as my dogs back/shoulders aren't really broad enough for it to sit on or for straps to stay secure around their chest. Just wondering if anybody has attached the gopro to their lamp or used a head mount at all and/or what results they've had using the gopro or if anybody could recommend a decent camera for recording a bit of action on the lamp - thanks, Ash
  7. Oh shame for you there mate I would be annoyed if I wanted the papers but they don't matter to me I given him the snip as I'm not interested I breeeing/studding him out, all I wanted was a whippet,whippetxgrey,rabbiting dog and I like you say I happy with how mine turned out too. Put a pic of your bitch up busher
  8. Hi Busher, got him from frinton on sea, Essex and he's about 14months mate
  9. Cheers guys and here's a couple more pics just for good measure
  10. Hi Jetro, I cant say too much as he hasn't been behind much quarry, i'm going to test him this year that's for sure. All I can do really is compare him to my 24tts saluki X, although he is fast, in an open long distance sprint with my saluki x she is faster BUT when getting up to speed, short bursts, jinking runs, weaving through woods, turning ect he sh*ts all over her to be honest lol, He got his first rab on the lamp at 7 months and I only took him out just for a couple of runs to see what he makes of a rabbit, to be honest I wasn't expecting him to be as keen as he was but he went like a s
  11. Just out of curiosity,how tall can whippets make? I bought a 'whippet' with 'KC' parents but pups weren't sold with papers, now myself in not too fussed with how tall he is, I personally wanted a whipxgrey anyway but just couldn't find any at the time, so I got this whippet just for a bunny basher and although I have a saluki X I just prefer the look and running style of whippet/greyhound's. He's 14months old now and at 23tts I know this is above the stated average of about 21" but just wondering if anybody has had any taller whippets around this height before? I've attached a pic of his m
  12. im my opinion any genuine person wouldn't take the reward money, I think someone who brings a dog back and expects that reward is a bit suspicious in my eyes! but its one of them situations where you don't know how to act until you're in the situation, just desperate to get her back!
  13. There was a program on Tv last year?Maybe the year before?Travellers ran a CWD with a dog,it seemed to be wearing a harness and GoPro as the dog caught the deer and the footage indicated the cam was dog mounted. I saw that but they used under the chest mount there's a better one where you get the view from on top/behind the head so get a dogs view of it
  14. I've just got a gopro and bought the dog harness for a laugh and going to see what its like lamping/ferreting ect, will keep all posted about it soon.
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