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  1. We are trying to rehome our truly lovey Patterdale x terrier, Kevin, with full history known in advance. He is a Patterdale x JR, 4 yrs old, chipped, neutered, inoculated. Travels in footwell of car. He is dark brown, one ear up, one down. He smiles and attempts to laugh. He is keen, bright and eager to please. House trained and can use a cat flap. He isnt trustworthy with other dogs and he isnt used to young children. He doesnt yap and is happy to be left should the need arise. He is scared of our cat. However, he chases anything else and that may cost him his life. He has one major flaw which may cost him his life. Perhaps it should but his vet has suggested trying honest reHoming in urban area first and lead walked forever more. He has killed a lamb, his second offence, 14 months apart. He injured 4 others. The farmer didn't shoot him but has insisted a new, urban secure home is found for him. He is surrounded on all sides here with sheep and we cannot contain him 24/7. He is an escapeologist and runs through electric fences etc is after quarry. Please don't critise - we have tried everything since his first attack last year. Our sympathies lie fully with the farmer. We are mortified. Time for him to go now, or be put to sleep.
  2. Hi there, i have 5 acres of woodland in rotherfield that is in serious need of rabbit culling. please contact me if interested. Thanks
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